How to write words correctly

How to write words correctly - online spelling check services

How to write words - online spell checking services

Literate speech shows you from the good side. Not only oral, but, above all, written. In this age of information technology, this is especially important. After all, business and personal communication often happens via the Internet. And there, most of the information is presented in text form. How to write words, making a resume, or sending a business letter? How to write words correctly when communicating in a social network? These questions often torment many. Unfortunately, not everyone knows Russian well. Many did not like this subject very much in school.
For many, Russian is not their first language, and they have difficulty spelling. Some people communicate a lot in circles where speech is far from academic, and they themselves begin to speak in vulgar or slang terms. Such a speech can cause negative feelings in other people, especially in the business sphere. However, this grief can be helped.If you are at a loss in writing one or another word, you can easily see how to correctly write words online using various Internet services. Or look for the answer to this question by opening a dictionary. How to write words with the help of a dictionary can also be easily understood.

How to write words correctly - online spelling check services

How to write words online?

Of course, right now, speaking perfectly is not as fashionable as it used to be. Modern speech is increasingly departing from previous standards, slang words appear, many borrowed words. However, the correct written language still has not lost its relevance. So, let's look at the most common mistakes.
Borrowed words. They are taken from foreign languages, but are written in Russian letters. Their spelling is determined primarily by the language from which they came. However, there may be different spellings of the same word that will be correct. For example, the word "spatula." The verbs “putty” and “putty” formed from it carry the same meaning, but the spelling is different and both are written correctly. Also take the word "mattress". Some write “mattress”, others - “mattress”. Both are right.If in doubt, take a dictionary. How to correctly write words borrowed type, it will immediately become clear.

It is worth mentioning a word like the Internet. There is a lot of debate about whether to write it in large or small letters. This word came to us from the English language, and is an abbreviation of the internetwork. In translation, it means something like a "universal network". In English, spelling is used with both large and small letters. If you mean a network - write with a capital letter. And if the way of communication, for example, in the sense of “I sent you a message via the Internet, please read it”, they write it with a small one. In Russian it is uniquely written with a capital letter. From the point of view of authoritative sources from the Russian Academy of Sciences, it is necessary to write so in view of the fact that there are still quite a few networks that are also global, widely distributed and used by many people. At the same time, the names of these networks are proper names, and they, as well as the word “Internet”, should be written with a capital letter.

However, there is one feature, how to correctly spell words derived from the word “Internet”. Words such as online store, Internet traffic, Internet service, are written with a small letter.

As for how the word is written online, here, first of all, you need to know that it is written together and with a small letter. The word from English is formed online ("on the line").

How to write words correctly - online spelling check services

Many words of the Russian language are difficult to write because they are formed with the help of a rather complex mechanism with the help of prefixes, suffixes and endings. In Russian, word formation is one of the most difficult in the world. For example, the word "art" is written with two "C" in the middle. And the word "calculation" - with one. At the same time, the word "count" is written with two "C". If you have this kind of problem, the dictionary is unlikely to help. How to write words with complex word formation? To do this, you need to learn a few rules of the Russian language, as well as practice by analyzing words by composition. It is worthwhile to figure out what kind of prefixes, suffixes, endings, and in what cases they are used. I hope you have not forgotten from the school course irregular verbs?

Electronic verification services. How to check online word?

On the Internet, you can easily use the so-called electronic checking services online.The dictionaries built into them allow you to check the spelling of any words of the Russian language.

Certainly, the computer made life easier for a person. Modern word processors, browsers, email programs and instant messaging programs in most cases have a spell check function. There are also electronic dictionaries on the web, if contradictions arise as to how to spell words correctly, you can simply look in there, it will not take you much time. There you can find out why this is so. This will broaden your horizons and strengthen your knowledge of the Russian language.

Do not hesitate to ask a question in the comments below! You can always ask us about the spelling of a word.


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