How to wear short lace shorts?

Lace came into vogue many centuries ago. At first they were decorated with underwear, then it was used to trim the clothes of noble people, and today this material is once again experiencing the next peak of its popularity. What can I say, even shoes are decorated with lace today. And we will talk about such fashionable details as shorts. Sewn from a thin, openwork canvas, they will add an image of even greater femininity, sexuality and a touch of audacity.

Show legs!

Warm time - time to show your beautiful legs to the world. And what will help make this better? Of course, beautiful short lace shorts. But this is an ambiguous thing, which is why the choice should be approached with knowledge. Here are some points to consider:

  • Length. Even the owners of the most slender legs stylists do not recommend wearing very short options. In this case, the thing can turn from beautiful to vulgar, as it will look like underwear.

Those who can not boast of perfectly slim legs should not be upset. Models to the knee will also look very harmonious and attractive. Even for ladies with curvaceous, there are options for free cut, decorated with lace.

  • Material. If you want a thing to appear in your wardrobe, in which, as they say, in the feast and in the world, then you should give preference to denser materials. They are easy to withstand washing, and are quite durable.

If lace shorts are an element of solemn bow, an example of which can be seen in the photo, then you can choose thinner, weightless fabrics. But it is worth remembering that they require very delicate care.

What to wear?

When choosing a pair, you should follow the rule - open your legs, close the top. Otherwise, you risk being too frank.

  • Summer can be allowed to combine shorts with t-shirts, but the cutout in this case should be minimal. Especially beautiful on a hot day will look milky shorts paired with a lemon or yellow T-shirt. Perfectly complement their large shopping bag and sandals at low speed.
  • In the spring, when all the girls want so much to add a bit of romance to their bow, stylists recommend choosing a white lace bottom, a chiffon blouse in the same color range and complement all with a bright accent in the form of an elongated red jacket. Suede shoes of the same shade as a jacket with a steady wide heel and accessories for gold will create a truly unforgettable image.

The evening set can consist of a black lace bottom and a chiffon blouse of pastel shades. A cardigan can be worn over the top.

A stylish addition to the tracery things will also be a leather jacket. In a pair it is necessary to pick up shoes on a wedge.

  • If the office adheres to a democratic style in clothing, then shorts with lace can be worn there. In this case, it is worth choosing the length to mid-thigh and below, complementing the bottom with a satin top with short sleeves and boots on a rough tractor sole in a beige color.
  • For walking and shopping, a khaki-colored shirt with patch pockets is suitable. In this case, moccasins, loafers or sneakers can be chosen from the shoes. If you are going for a walk in sunny weather, then do not forget to take sun glasses with you.

Particular attention should be paid to accessories. Stylists recommend to adopt non-ordinary ideas, and to complement the bow with unusual, intricate pendants, earrings and beads.

As for shoes, everything depends on where you are going. The informal setting allows you to safely choose ballet flats, sports shoes or summer boots.

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