How to wear a trendy tweed jacket?

Tweed jacket is truly a cult thing. It has been worn for about 100 years, and it still does not lose its relevance. Such a simple and strict at first glance, he is able to turn any girl into a stylish and elegant lady. Such things, according to designers and stylists, are chosen only by those who know a lot about fashion.

Thing legend

The history of this detail of the wardrobe began back in 1923. Then the famous Coco Chanel presented her in his salon. But, unfortunately, women of that time were not ready for such cardinal changes in the image. They were "constrained" by the rule that women's clothing should be uncomfortable, but beautiful.

Coco Chanel, on the other hand, tried to prove to the whole world that the future was due to naturalness of forms and comfort. The undoubted inspiration for the creation of a tweed jacket was Madame Coco's beloved Hugh Richard Arthur, Duke of Westminster. And, despite the fact that their love story did not have a happy ending, the designer nevertheless drew a huge share of inspiration from this relationship, and introduced strict English elegance into her creation.

The popularity of the jacket was already 30 years after its creation. And the society of that time gladly accepted the presented novelty, being ready for changes. But the peculiarity of this clothing was not only in the cut and style, but also in the material itself. After all, initially tweed outerwear was sewn only for men. This material was rough, but dense and well weatherproof.

Madame Coco began to soak the tweed in a special way, which helped make it softer and more pliable for work.

Today, designers are experimenting with might and main with color, decor, styles. But some details remain unchanged for almost a century - the material, the three-part structure of the sleeve, which does not constrain the movements, as well as the edging, perfectly preserving the shape of the jacket.

Feminine and respectable

It's time to figure out how to wear a tweed jacket. And for starters, let's find out who would suit such a thing? Properly chosen model will ideally sit on women of any shape:

  • for girls of short stature, it is preferable to choose a shortened model, and high elongated options are suitable for high;
  • The original herringbone pattern, typical of such clothes, is perfect for thosewho wants to appear taller and slimmer, and slender women usually wear a fashionable cage.

Of course, the thick wool blazer is a standard of style and an indicator of excellent taste. Therefore, a couple should be selected with special care. Here are some great ideas:

  • Blouse or shirt. They will be the perfect complement to the tight top, slightly smoothing its rudeness. This is a great option for casual style. Especially stylish will look ensemble of a jacket with patches on the elbows and white classic shirt.
  • Turtleneck. Such a package is considered informal, although, in our opinion, it is perfect for office and even business negotiations. The only thing to remember in this case is that the turtleneck should not be too tight to leave a space between the jacket and it. This will make you feel comfortable and the clothes will not hold down the movement.
  • Dress. If you are sure that the tweed will look too casual for a beautiful, light dress, you are mistaken. He does not diminish his beauty. Streaming cloth for dresses is one of the most suitable options.
  • Denim and the skin.A stunning look will create your favorite jeans paired with such outerwear. Denim shorts will do the trick. They will create a kind of fashionable compromise between business and casual-style.

But together with leather pants you can create a rather unusual look, in which femininity and mild aggression will be skillfully combined.

  • T-shirts. For those who want to create a more democratic image, you can combine a jacket with t-shirts with prints and inscriptions. This is a bold enough and even provocative step, but with which the fashion is not joking.
  • Costume. The women's tweed suit is a very strict, but at the same time beautiful and elegant ensemble. In these, the first ladies of many countries, as well as celebrities on the red carpet, have appeared in public more than once. If you want to diversify it a little, you can choose a skirt with a high waist, choosing a top in contrast to it in color.

Classics are always in fashion. And a tweed jacket that appears in your wardrobe will be a great basic thing that allows you to always look elegant and feminine. Be beautiful!

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