How to use tanning

You will need
  • - tanning for face and body;
  • - scrub;
  • - bast from loofah;
  • - moisturizing cream;
  • - gloves.
Before applying tanning, you must thoroughly clean the skin by removing dead cells. After this procedure, an artificial tan will lie more evenly and last longer. Take a warm shower, and then apply a coarse-grained scrub based on sugar, salt or ground fruit pits on the body. Instead of scrub, you can use a hard washcloth from natural loofah. Clean the body thoroughly and then rinse it with water.
Dry skin after treatment can be moistened with milk or cream. It will make it softer and provide an even beautiful color. If you want to apply tanning to your face, also treat it with a scrub, choosing a more gentle option - for example, a tool based on polyethylene granules.
Choose a tan. Sales can be found in the form of a gel, emulsion, cream or spray. There are options for the body and face, as well as universal tools.Modern avtozagary much more effective than its predecessors - they are easy to apply, have several shades of different saturation, have a pleasant sweetish aroma and do not give an unnatural carrot shade.
Beginners better to buy a cream that stains when in contact with the skin. It will be easier for you to control color without leaving streaks and bald spots. Avtozagary suitable for light skin, giving a golden tone, darker are intended for darker means - bronze, reddish-brown.
Squeeze out a small amount of the cream on the palm and rub it on the body with a rubbing motion. Start with the legs, moving from the feet to the hips. Be careful, rubbing the cream in the area of the knees and ankles - in these places are more often streaks and streaks. Then rub the cream on the back, chest and abdomen, finish with your hands and neck. Moisten your elbows and knees with an additional portion of body lotion before applying tanning. On too dry skin, an artificial tan can become an excessively dark shade.
When treating your face, do not apply tanning to your eyebrows and hair roots. Well rub it around the ears and along the line of the chin.Do not apply tanning too thick. To make the shade look natural, and the color turned out to be more saturated, repeat the procedure the next day. Please note that fake tan will be washed off after a few days. Update it at least once a week, carefully cleaning the skin before each application.
Wash your hands with soap after applying tanning, otherwise your palms will turn orange. If your skin is too light, apply tanning cream in thin plastic gloves. After skin treatment do not wear for half an hour, otherwise dark spots will appear on things, and light areas will appear on the skin. Do not take a shower that can wash off the applied cream.
Skin covered with self-tanning needs careful care. Do not rub it with a washcloth - for daily cleansing, use soft shower gels without granules. After washing, moisturize the body with milk or cream. You can use special tinted tools, they slightly highlight the skin, while maintaining its beautiful shade.

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