How to use PSP

To launch games in the console, special format UMD discs are used on which game data is recorded. You can buy such media in specialized stores of games for consoles.
To start the game, install the disk in a special drive located at the top of the machine. Opening the slot for installing media is done by pressing a separate key in the upper part of the case. Install the disk in the port, and then go to the menu item by unlocking the PSP and selecting the "Games" section - UMD.
To upload your own video, music or image files, connect the device to the computer, and then activate the USB connection via the corresponding item in the device menu. After that, open the folder to view the files in the system and copy the documents into the appropriate directories. So, for music the MUSIC directory is used, for video - VIDEO, etc. You can also download some games on an unprobered console. To do this, copy the ISO or CSO files to the GAMES directory of the device memory.
To view photos, you can use the “Photos” menu item on the main screen. The system will automatically list all images saved on the device. You can customize the display of the slideshow through the section "Settings" - "Photo Settings". You can switch between photos using the arrows on the front of the device.
To start watching a video or listening to audio, you must select the sections "Video" or "Music" in the main menu. Through the menu item "Settings" you can change the display settings of the player, the speed of rewind, as well as the system automatically limit the volume.
In the "System Settings" section displays the parameters used when working with the device. There you can choose a design theme, customize the display, power saving mode, date and time. In the "Security Settings" section you can enter the password for using the set-top box and activate the parental control function. In the "Network Settings" section, you search for wireless networks to connect to.

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