How to update the old enameled bath with paint

Paint for this purpose must be acquired only special, for painting baths, otherwise the result will quickly disappoint you. Complete with paint should be a hardener. Paint should be diluted in full accordance with the instructions and be sure to pay attention to the time for which the enamel should be applied to the bath. It is desirable to carry out the work in a little less time than indicated in the attached instructions - that is, the enamel should be prepared and immediately used.

First you need to prepare the surface for work. It can be degreased using Pemolux or ordinary soda. This treatment helps clean the surface of both grease and dirt. After that, the bath must be cleaned with a drill and a special nozzle with emery paper. There should be no smooth areas on the surface - the paint will not linger on them.

After stripping, wash the bath again with “Pemolux” or other cleaning agent - for re-degreasing. You can check the quality of the treatment as follows: send a stream from the shower to the bath surface and see if the water is going to drop. If drops are obtained, it means that complete degreasing could not be achieved and the procedure should be repeated.

We prepare the painting solution - in full accordance with the instruction. It is necessary to apply the first layer of enamel using a wide brush of 60-80 mm, the direction of the strokes is from the sides to the bottom of the bath. A portion of the paint should be prepared based on one layer. Having spent one portion, immediately prepare the next one and apply the next layer.

After 15 minutes, check the surface for stains - if any, eliminate leaks with brush movements from bottom to top.

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