How to understand that you are sexually incompatible?

There are couples who openly and loudly confess themselves and even to others: we are together only for the sake of sex. And there are those to whom carnal pleasures have ceased to be so fundamentally important in long-playing relationships and deliberately retreated to the second or even twenty-second plan on the agenda of living together. But somewhere in the middle of these two categories there is one classic - a couple enjoying their feelings for each other and their own sex life, which they built in the dynamics that is close to them in spirit.

It is often very difficult to admit to yourself honestly that you are not satisfied with sex with a partner, especially when on other points you seem to be the very “perfect couple” and all your friends are talking about it. And yet if in the next 8 points you find several stories about you, then with all the “ideality” in bed you are sexually incompatible.

You are not talking about sex ...

... in general and never. Suppose, the reverse does not mean at all,that you should discuss the events of last night at breakfast and share sexual fantasies at dinner instead of talking about upcoming repairs, but if you feel that it’s time to talk about sex, but you can’t even start a conversation because you feel that your partner is irritated and does not want to discuss anything, then something in your sexual relationship is clearly going wrong.

Your temperaments do not match.

He wants to tumble in bed at least 7 times a week (and that's not counting spontaneous sex in unexpected places), and you and your schedule are ready to subscribe only 2 times and then only on the condition that they both fall on Sunday. By the way, in women after 30 years with a partner older than them, the opposite situation often happens: she wants more sex and more diversity, and it only lasts from the strength of once a week. It is possible, of course, to mention in this context both “eternal love” and “not in sex happiness”, but nevertheless the sexual incompatibility is evident.

How to understand that you are sexually incompatible?

One of you is not at all interested in the pleasure of the other.

We definitely will not exaggerate if we say that usually in this role are men who love to turn sex into a “one-gate game” and do not care about their partner having an orgasm.Perhaps, a more vivid confirmation of sexual incompatibility can not be found when one lays in bed with the certainty that he will enjoy, and the other simply tolerates it.

Your sex is almost never spontaneous.

You do not seduce each other, do not experience passionate moments together, but just approach sex as a regular procedure - it's like washing the car once a week or doing exercises in the morning. People who do not fan from sex, this "regime" often even suits, but if you are not among them, then you yourself can admit that you are losing something.

Sex only happens on weekends and holidays.

There is nothing wrong with working hard, and then enjoying the rest days to the fullest, but if you need too many conditions to get sex, in addition to craving, then the process itself begins to seem routine. And in general, the more your sex resembles a phrase about marital debt, the more likely you are sexually incompatible.

How to understand that you are sexually incompatible?

You are bored during sex

So much so that you remember the very same time you did it on the couch before the TV turned on, and secretly from the partner looked around for what was happening on the screen and you want to repeat it.If during the sex you came up with the desired design of the wallpaper in the bedroom - this is not a problem, but if you have managed to think over the whole repair scheme in the bedroom in one visit, then this is definitely sexual incompatibility.

Your girlfriend tells you that she gets orgasms every time.

And you ask again: “Seriously, every time?” - and you cannot believe her, as if this is something incredible, as if she had just admitted that she goes to work on a unicorn in the clouds. Really?

Your desires never match.

Never or in 90% of cases, and it looks pretty awkward. You are excited, and he whines that he falls asleep from fatigue; he insists on dynamic sex, and you want a massage and long foreplay; you insist on trying something new, and he assures that everything is fine.

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