How to trim a fur coat

You will need
  • Fine needle, scalpel or sharp blade, single eyelet pins, ruler, fine chalk, thread, scissors for trimming the lining.
Determine the desired length. To do this, wearfur coatbutton up and bendfur coatby securing the hem with pins. Carefully evaluate the new length. Remember that the cut part does not return to its original place. If you are ready for change, get to work.
Putfur coat�on a table or on a large flat surface and straighten it. To start work, you must first unpick the lining from the fur coat. Measure the amount of hem. On the inside of the fur at the desired distance from the edge of the hem, make a few frequent marks with crayons. Use a ruler to connect the marks with a straight line - this will be the new hem of the fur coat. Take a scalpel or sharp blade. Holding in one hand the hem edge, slightly pulling, carefully cut off with a scalpel along the marked small line. Cut only need the base of the fur - core.After trimming with a wet hand, swipe along a new edge and collect fur hair that has fallen under a sharp blade.
Hemfur coat�at the same distance from the edge, using a thin needle and selected color of the thread. While sewing, lightly pierce the base of the fur with a needle. Lining also needs to be shortened. Repeat with the lining all the actions that were carried out when trimming the fur. But use a traditional cutting tool - scissors to trim the fabric. Try onfur coat. Ask to help determine the length of the lining, so that it does not look out from under the fur coat. Fold the lining, process its edge and attach to the fur coat.

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