How to tear off the tile

You will need
  • - gloves;
  • - protective glasses;
  • - working clothes and shoes;
  • - heavy hammer;
  • - long chisel with protection for the hand or an ax;
  • - perforator with a chisel.
Use the same physical pattern that occurs during ice breaking. For example, when chipping off a tile from a wall, do not start work from the middle of the surface that needs to be cleaned from the old tile. Usually, tile splitting starts from top to bottom. Remember that a tile with a wall does not constitute a monolith and your task is to find a weak spot in those layers of material that held the old one.tile. Ideally, the tile is cleaned along with all previous layers - putty, tile glue, etc. This facilitates both the process of cleansing the wall itself and further finishing.
Inspect the tool you are going to use in your work. It is most convenient to use a chisel at home, of course, if there is no professional tool in the house - a puncher with a chisel. The chisel should have a sharp edge, if it is slightly blunt, sharpen it.When working, use a hammer, hitting which on the blunt edge of the chisel, you make an effort to break off the tile. Working with a hammer, you do not need to make a big sweep. The speed and quality of the process of splitting tiles depends not on the degree of force, but on the correct angle of force and sharpness of the chisel, so it’s better that the movements are clear, but in order for your hand to be less tired, it will be more convenient to hold onto the middle of the hammer.
Chipping offtile, follow the path of least resistance. If in some place the adhesion of the tile to the wall was too high quality and in this areatileyou can not break away right away, go around this place, it will be easier for you to return to it again when it becomes a small island on a clean wall.
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Helpful advice
If your plumbing does not require replacement, then this should be taken into account when the tile is chipped - the bath and sink must be protected, for example, with old sheets. To clean the room from chipped tiles, stock up with enough durable bags for construction debris in advance, bags for household waste are not suitable.

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