How to teach a child to the pot?

One of the important stages of growing up a baby becomes potty training. It seems to many parents that this is a rather complicated and long process. In fact, everything will happen much easier if mother prepares for this important and responsible event, in time getting acquainted with the necessary information.

At what age to begin to teach the pot

The debate about how old and how to teach a child to the pot has been going on for a long time. Some believe that as soon as the baby begins to sit, he will be able to start learning to do his things in the pot. Others, not unreasonably, believe that by almost two years all babies are accustomed to the pot, and to spend time and energy on what will happen by itself is silly. By the age of two, children begin to be interested in the processes that take place in their intestines and bladder. The child begins to learn to control their work, and, therefore, it will be easier for him to understand what is expected of him.

According to research by American scientists, it was concluded that by the age of two years about 25% of children learn to potby the age of 2 years and 3 months - 52%, by 2 years and 6 months already 86%, and by 3 years, almost all babies use the pot confidently. But in advance it should be noted that all tots are very different and each child requires a personal approach. For example, capricious children should not be taught to the pot too soon, it may take a little time, and the kid will take a more active interest in learning.

Family budget also plays a decisive role in this issue. If there is not enough free money in the family for disposable diapers, the child will be taught toilet-related matters, most likely from an early age.

A few tips on how to teach a child to pot quickly

It should be noted that children who did not wear diapers, accustomed to the pot faster and easier. But those babies who literally grew up in a diaper, by the age of one and a half years old, will begin to show interest in the learning process.

First you need to abandon diapers when the child is in the room.

  1. The baby must examine its body.
  2. To understand how everything happens, the baby must see urination and defecation more than once.
  3. The child should see how to use the pot. To do this, you can show in a playful way how the dolls or plush animals do their work on the pot, planting dolls and a baby one by one. After the introductory game, you should not give the child to play with the pot - this is not a toy, the baby should know exactly what this thing is for.
  4. It is advisable to choose a warm season and leave the child naked, so that he would not be bothered to sit on the pot, and he would not freeze in an unsuccessful attempt.
  5. The pot should be left in a prominent place, always in the same place.
  6. Every time after wetted pants, the child should be affectionately reminded of the purpose of this important subject.
  7. After each luck you need to praise the little one, he should have pleasant impressions from the correct use of the pot.
  8. The pot should be offered immediately after sleep, if the baby is awake dry, and also after each meal.
  9. The child will not be able to relax and do his work in strangers or in an unfamiliar place, this must be remembered.

Common parental errors

Many mothers and fathers, who became parents for the first time, do not know how to accustom the child to the pot and often make some mistakes.

First, you can never blame the baby for having sat on the pot, could not do what was expected of him, but within a few minutes after that he wetted his pants. All negative emotions associated with the pot only addictive to it. If a child remembers that after gatherings on this beautiful object he is always scolded, it will be much more difficult to go through the process of mastering and getting used to the pot.

During the period of training for the pot, be as attentive as possible to all the habits and habits of a small person. Notice what time his intestine and bladder work. As a rule, it is about the same time, you only need to be vigilant and disembark the baby in due time. Sometimes the kids are taught to do the pot only for a big one, and they still need to keep their little needs in their pants or vice versa. This is also normal and no need to reproach the kid for it. Every day, patiently remind the crumbs of the need to do all the work on the pot and soon all your efforts will be rewarded.

If the baby does not want to sit on the pot, he behaves whimsically or, worse, screams - no need to force him.Otherwise, he may begin to perceive the pot trip as a punishment.

Many parents too early set themselves the task of teaching the child to cleanliness. Until one and a half years, it is difficult to wait for the child to strictly comply with the requirements. Until this age, you can only land for a short time to familiarize yourself with this new subject. In general, it is not recommended to keep the baby on the pot for a long time (no more than five minutes). By the age of two, all the kids begin to understand what's what. Having done the pot a few times, they will know that raw pants are unpleasant, and after the pot everything is fine. Instead of a long and tedious addiction, everything will happen in a matter of days.

Choosing a pot

Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of different pots, which greatly complicates the choice. So, let's take a closer look at the pot models:

  • classic round,
  • oval-shaped - they have a back, and in front there is a projection (anatomical),
  • chairs - in the form of a chair, in which a pot or just a container is built in,
  • Transformers - a model for all ages, easy to understand.

All these models can be designed in the form of a toy, have antimicrobial protection, can be folded (travel pots) and accompanied by music.Also pots come with legs that will reliably prevent tipping.

Anatomical pots are the most popular. They are good for girls and boys. The pot must fit the size of the child and be sure to have feet for stability. Separately, it should be noted musical pots. When using such a pot, a child may develop an abnormal reflex (music sounds - you need to go to the toilet).

How to teach a child to the pot - it's only parents who decide, all the kids are different with their own characters and temperaments. They say how a child learns to pot, such a person he will. At this time, all the traits of the child’s character appear. He can be obedient, understand everything from the first explanation, and can show obstinacy, disobedience and all the features of a strong character. Remember that a child is a person; treat him with respect and you will succeed.

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