How to stop crying?


The physiological peculiarity of a person is the ability to cry. From early childhood, a person sends signals to parents crying. In adulthood, tears help to express feelings, relieve your own emotional state. But everything is appropriate in moderation. You need to stop in time and know how to stop crying in order to maintain emotional and physical health.

In some cases, crying is required to hide. If you feel that tears are covering your eyes and are ready to appear, use physical and psychological techniques to stop them.

Preventing the appearance of tears in physical ways.

People cry, but not everyone knows how to stop tears. Some are so sensitive that they throw out experiences in any emotional event. If you feel that tears are ready to flow, try to blink often or stop blinking altogether.

The physiological characteristics of some are such that the blinking or not blinking and wide opening of the eyelashes causes the tear fluid to evenly distribute and be absorbed into the tear ducts.Tense muscles when opening eyes stop the production of new tears. Determine which of these methods is suitable for you only by experience. Turn on a love drama or other movie that evokes emotions and practice.

How to stop crying?

Go from the opposite. I want to cry? Smile. This is the opposite of crying. In addition, a smile beneficially puts you in the view of others. Laugh out loud. It has a beneficial effect on the entire body. A smile removes irritation, negativity and prevents depression. Remember the funny moments or look around you and find what you laugh.

Stop the tears by holding your nose. The phenomenon of this method is based on the laws of physiology. Lacrimal ducts extend from the lower part of the eyelids to the wing of the nose. Blocking paths with eyes closed prevents crying. This method works at the very beginning of the desire to cry.

Relax. Muscular relaxation is a way to calm and relax.

The technique consists of successive tension and relaxation of different muscle groups:

strain and relax the muscles of your toes;
go to the ankles;
strain and relax your pelvic muscles.

By the same principle, proceed further until you reach the head. Stretch and relax your muscles alternately for 30 seconds. This method also works if you suffer from insomnia.

Distract yourself tingling, twitching hair or other pain factor. This red herring is good only if after pinching the skin remains white without bruises. Do not torture yourself, try different ways to prevent crying.

Learn to control your own body. If you feel that tears are close, start moving: squeeze and open your fists, stand up, walk around. Engage your muscles, sometimes just enough effort to stop crying.

Scientists have proven that often a source of crying is passivity and a feeling of helplessness. Make an effort to control yourself. Remind your own consciousness that you control it and all actions are done only with your approval.

If all of the above methods are powerless, retreat. Exit the room to stop the buildup of conflict and hold back emotions. Follow the steps to calm down completely and only then return to the conversation.

Psychological methods of preventing tears

Have the power of will? Know how to withstand the emotional heat? Every time you decide to cry, think that let me do it a little later. Take over the emotional outbursts, even though it will be difficult. You will help a deep breath and concentration.

Collect thoughts on how to prevent crying. Gradually, you will learn how to manage your thoughts and be able to stop crying at an inopportune time. Note that it is impossible to do without crying at all. The endless suppression of crying leads to disruption and psychological oppression.

Take advantage of distracting maneuvers. Think about what makes you smile even in the most difficult moment and remember this case. If you do not know this story, watch the funny video on the net. You can use mathematical calculations that will distract from the tense moment.

Imagine in your thoughts a place where you were pleasant and calm. Concentrate on the details that bring the most satisfaction. Thus, you will force the brain to activate the areas responsible for satisfaction.

Bring the state back to normal with meditation. For this, it is not necessary to know what yoga is, it is enough to master 2-3 methods.One of them:

find a secluded place;
sit comfortably;
close your eyes;
inhale and exhale rhythmically and deeply.

After a minute, your mind will be filled with positive feelings.

How to stop crying?

Try to throw out emotions on paper. Write: "Insult", "Difficulty", etc. Write what makes you cry at this moment. No need to write letters, write as you can: complete sentences or one big word. When you come to yourself, reflect on what has been written. This technique helps just as heartfelt conversation with a close friend.

Often you want to cry because of confusion in his personal life. It seems that you are haunted by troubles. Take a deep breath at such times and compare the situation with what has already happened in life. Think that you coped with problems that are much more serious.

Thank God for good things. Learn to thank, and in time to revive the necessary images in memory, write successful situations in a special notebook.

Find the cause of crying

Think about how crying can harm you.

If you notice that tears appear more often, this may indicate deep-seated problems.Find the factors that make you cry, and display them in a notebook or notebook with the date. Fix negative thoughts and think, are they rational?

Reconsider your own ideals in terms of reality. Make a decision to always look at what is happening realistically. Analyze when you do not know how to stop crying and tears flow nonstop. Some tears cause photos, music, smells. Hide on, what can be hidden. Also indicate what means help get rid of this condition.

Analyze how you react to conflicts and disputes. Most often, ignoring conflict situations allows one to avoid moments when tears begin to shed from resentment. Decide how to respond to a controversial situation and this will help you to stop crying. Learn to control emotions so that they do not take over you.

Change from passive to active. Decide your own destiny, and if you can't do it, think about it, do you really want it? People tend to blame for their own mistakes on others: to be offended by teachers, parents, friends, a young man or a girl. Learn to take responsibility, and then you will not have to cry hurt.

Thoughts can influence behavior. Always remember that the negative destroys the essence of the person from the inside. Constant discontent leads to insecurity in others, relatives, fears, depressions.

Do you stop crying when you remember bad moments from the past? What was not to return, realize how important reality is. The load of problems slows down, does not allow to live fully. Learn to speak your thoughts in time: “No!” So ​​that they do not take root in your head.

If tears often come to your eyes, and you do not know how to stop them, talk to a friend or a loved one. Call by phone if he is far away or sit for a cup of coffee. Talking heart to heart helps to reconsider views on reality.

There are psychological services. Call the hotline and experts will definitely help to cope with heartache.

The doctor will find out the reasons for crying and teach how to control emotions. Together you will make a plan that will help you conquer your emotions.

Draw conclusions

In some situations, crying is necessary, but do not delay this process. The moment you want to cry, think about whether you can afford to get out of balance for a while. After all, crying requires large emotional costs.

How to stop crying?

If emotions overflow, find a secluded place and weep. Stay alone so that nothing stops to calm down. Strong crying leads to dehydration and loss of physical strength. To calm down and restore water balance, drink a glass of water.

If you do not know how to stop crying in the midst of society, raise one or two eyebrows very high. Let others think that you are surprised. Sometimes a conversation with a stranger allows you to look at the situation from a different angle. Try this method by going on a long trip or finding an interlocutor in the bar.

If you have animals at home, recharge your batteries. Often a simple stroking brings a person to life. In addition, animals will never be judged and love you for who you really are.

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