How to stop biting your nails

  1. When the moment of desire to bite your nails comes, you should distract yourself and do, for example, another matter.
  2. If you get bored, you can get bored with your favorite fruit, reading a detective story.
  3. You can go to a beauty salon, make a chic manicure, which is a pity to spoil.
  4. Buying a special bitter varnish will also help to get rid of the bad habit. As soon as there is a desire to bite the nails, the unpleasant bitter taste will scare away the bad habit. Regular varnish also helps in the fight against bitten nails. An important condition: nail polish should be covered until your terrible habit disappears.
  5. Stop biting your nails for medical reasons. The nails are not so sterile, so no one will give you a guarantee that during the next session of biting the nail, you will not catch the infection. Therefore, as soon as you try to start biting your nails, imagine the most dangerous infection, and your desire to continue the process will immediately disappear.
  6. A more radical method of dealing with a bad habit is nail extension. Gel or acrylic nails bite off will be much more difficult, and the amount of funds spent on the procedure will not give rest to your hands, stretching in your mouth.
  7. Test. You can argue with your friends, for example, going to the cinema. If you lose, you’ll take all your friends to the movies.
  8. Using laundry soap effectively helps to avoid nail biting. Try to taste it several times, then you definitely won't want to pull your hands in your mouth. It is worth noting that after such processing your nails become clean.
  9. Buying rubber rings for babies will save your nails. As soon as you get the idea to bite your nails - take a ring in the mouth. The result - your nails will remain untouched.
  10. Self-control is an important component of the process of disaccustoming from a bad habit.
  11. Do not bite your nails will help the idea of ​​beauty. Bitten nails cause an exceptionally repulsive feeling.
  12. Penalties. For every nail bite to punish yourself, for example, a few laps around your house - very mercilessly. The development of the will is the main lesson of this technique.
  13. Stop nervous about trifling events. Learn to control your emotions and over time your habit will disappear.
  14. Some individuals begin to gnaw nails, breaking or hooking him for something, while leaving a small piece. Here it is gnawed. To prevent this from happening to you, you should have a nail file in your bag.

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