How to start a good day

Get out of bed on time, especially if you're in a hurry somewhere. Do not allow yourself to bask in bed even for ten minutes, especially on weekdays. Otherwise, you may be late for work, and your day can hardly be called a good one. But even if the delay will be avoided, you will have to hurry and, perhaps, you will not even have time to put yourself in order and have breakfast.
Wake up to a good tune. The nasty and monotonous squeak of an alarm clock is disgusting and can even ruin the morning. It will be better if you pick up the right melody on your cell phone and start waking up to it. If the settings of the program allow, you can choose different songs for different days of the week so that the monotony does not bother you.
Eat a delicious breakfast. It is very important that you can eat calmly, slowly, so if you don’t have time to do it, you should wake up a bit early. Do not eat too much or give preference to fatty, heavy foods.For breakfast, you can choose a cup of coffee or tea, porridge, scrambled eggs, toast with jam or honey, croutons, etc.
Think about what pleasant events await you today. Maybe you are planning to go to a cinema or a restaurant, you have an appointment with a close friend, etc. But even if you have an ordinary working day, and you intend to spend the evening doing household chores, try to find something good. For example, a conversation with colleagues during a lunch break might be enjoyable. Tune in to a good day and do not allow yourself to think about the troubles that can expect you.
Smile, and you can cheer yourself up. Dressing up and putting yourself in order, turn on the music that you like. Sing and dance, do exercises, if you want. You can turn on a fun TV show or listen to the radio. The main thing is to be able to start your day with something joyful, pleasant.

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