How to shave a bikini area for women and girls?

Most women spend a lot of effort to achieve perfect smoothness in the bikini area. And only a few prefer natural beauty. Such a fanatical desire to say goodbye to excess hair in "piquant" places is due to several factors.

How to shave a bikini area so that there is no irritation? Why is it accepted in society that women remove their hair from the intimate zone? What unpleasant consequences are waiting for girls with improper shaving? We will try to answer all these questions!

Firstly, 90% of men prefer women who have a well-groomed intimate zone (everything is clean shaved or has a haircut), and for us the opinion of the stronger sex plays a significant role. Secondly, if you do not shave this area, it is simply impossible to wear thongs and lace underwear. Thirdly, summer is coming and it's time for swimsuits. It is unlikely that other people will like the “natural beauty” of a woman sticking out of swimming trunks.So the fact that the hair from the spicy area is better to remove, you can not even doubt it.

Popular methods

Hair removal from the body can be done in different ways: epilators, creams, laser, and, of course, a razor. On the latter method, we dwell in more detail. Its advantage over other methods is its inexpensive cost. But the drawback - in its fragility. The procedure will have to be repeated in a few days, depending on how fast your hair grows.

That after shaving in an intimal zone there was no boring, it is necessary to know some moments.

Go responsibly to the selection of the razor. It can be a disposable machine or a razor with replaceable cartridges.

You can not take a man's shaver!

Hair removal in the bikini area is an intimate process and, from a hygienic point of view, it is not correct to take someone else’s machine, this can lead not only to irritation, but also infection by microbes. The razor should indicate that it is intended for women.

To improve the process of hair removal, you can use special tools. These are gels and foams. Here you can borrow a male tool - nothing terrible will happen :).Shaving gel will soften hair, make shaving easier. You can not use soap for this procedure. It dries the skin too much and most likely causes you to severely cut yourself. Better use shampoo and shower gel.

Take a shower before proceeding with the procedure. The steamed hairs will be easier to remove. If the hair is too long, and you carry out this procedure for the first time, it is better to pre-cut it with scissors a little.

We now turn directly to the process itself. Apply the gel to the entire area, wait a couple of minutes (he should have time to soften the hair), take a steady position so that you do not accidentally fall in the shower, take a razor in your hand and begin to remove the hair. Shave better in the direction of hair growth, there will be less ingrown hairs. Movements must be calm, slow, do not rush, otherwise you might cut yourself! After raking the pubicle once, rinse it with water.

After you have completed the entire procedure, be sure to wash yourself with clean water, so that in the intimate area there is no hair or shaving gel left.

Wipe yourself with a towel carefully, do not apply pressure on the skin, or it will cause irritation.

When the body is dry, apply a special cream. It has a softening effect, nourishes the skin, promotes healing of wounds and cuts. Do not use alcohol-based lotion.

In cosmetic stores you may be advised to buy hair growth inhibitors. You need to use them twice a day. How effective are they? It is difficult to say, but stunning success can hardly be expected. Hair will still be there, so you will not be able to give up the razor anyway.

Hair coloring in the intimate area, and a complex haircut is better to perform in the salon at a professional.

Now you know how to carry out this procedure to avoid the appearance of unpleasant consequences. Take care of this zone and then you will not only feel more confident, but also surely impress your young man.


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