How to set up wired internet

How to set up wired internetToday, perhaps, it is impossible to find a socially active young city dweller who would not have access to the global network. Recently, there has been an active dominance of wireless Wi-Fi, but if you prefer the good old wired Internet, connecting it will not be difficult.


To connect to the network, you need to select the most suitable operator first.
Criteria for choosing a service provider:

  • availability of access points near your home;
  • acceptable cost of connection;
  • high speed communication at an affordable price;
  • the efficiency of the work of technical support;
  • Other factors (discounts, bonuses, special offers, etc.).

Many people choose Beeline as a service provider (provider). The technical support master can connect the wired internet to the laptop after you leave the request in a telephone mode, on the website or in the office of the provider.

Each laptop has a special slot (hole) for the network cable in the side, back, or front. The network card, as a rule, is already mounted in the device. A cable is inserted into the slot, which leads to the dispenser, or the SWEAT located in the entrance, in the attic of the house or in the next house. Usually, several cables from SWICh move to different subscribers. This creates a local computer network that provides Internet access on all laptops connected to it.


But to connect the Internet to a laptop is not enough to enjoy the endless benefits of the world wide web. After you place the cable in the slot, you need to configure it. And if the first action can not be performed independently, then even a novice user can easily cope with the second one.

Consider the basic principles of the example of setting the Internet Beeline on a computer running the operating system Windows7.

  • Click the "Start" button and go to the "Control Panel". In the window that appears, select "Network and Internet", then click on "Network and Sharing Center".

How to set up wired internet

  • Select "Configure a new connection or network".

How to set up wired internet

  • Click "Connect to the workplace", and then - "Next."

How to set up wired internet

  • Select "Use my Internet connection (VPN)"

How to set up wired internet

  • In the place where you need to enter the Internet address, write, and where you need to enter the name of the destination - Beeline. Then you need to tick off the words “Do not connect now, just complete the installation to connect in the future” and click on “Next”.

How to set up wired internet

  • Next, enter your username and come up with a password that you will enter to connect to the network.
  • When the process is complete, click the Close button and return to the Network and Sharing Center. There, click on the item on the left side of the "Change adapter settings" screen.

How to set up wired internet

  • On the created Beeline connection, right-click, go to "Properties" and make sure that is written in the address bar of the vpn-server.
  • After that, click in the "Parameters" and uncheck the checkbox "Enable domain Windows login".

How to set up wired internet

  • Go to the Security tab and expand the VPN Type drop-down list. Select the L2TP IPSec VPN in it. Check the box next to “CHAP password verification protocol” and click “OK”.

How to set up wired internet

  • To go online, click on the Beeline connection shortcut and enter the username with a password.

As you can see, setting up Internet Beeline on a computer is not so difficult, so you have a real chance to save your own money and get new knowledge. Only the technical support master with access to the distribution equipment can connect to the wired internet, so you should not try to do it yourself.

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