How to sell a running business in 2018

To get the maximum profit, you must carefully prepare for the transaction. It is best to get an audit report. This will make the sale process easier.
When buying a business, interested parties carefully study all submitted documents. Collect a package of documents in advance. Since there may be several buyers, it makes sense to inquire about the applicants, to evaluate their solvency.
When preparing a business for sale, it is worth looking through all the contracts. Extend those whose availability is of fundamental importance. For example, it is worth extending the lease agreement, which ends soon.
Many enterprises own the buildings in which the production lines are located. Be sure to contact the BTI and get relying on real estate help. Prepare copies of balances as well as their attachments. The bank is worth taking a certificate that you have no debts.If possible, get letters of recommendation.
Evaluation of business and real estate attributed to the company should be made by several methods. It is important to do a marketing review. Qualitatively executed, it can significantly increase the value of the business. The review should include the following parameters: market capacity, market share occupied by companies and other indicators.
It is very good if you can prepare a detailed description of the company's product policy. Be sure to attach to the documents review of competitors and consumers. This information will be useful to buyers. Give the marketing plan a detailed description of the goods produced or the services provided by your company.
Of great importance is the current business plan. Buyers should see in it an analysis of the capacity and resources of the enterprise. In addition, the business plan should list the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise. This is a very important point. Prepare also an analysis of the financial and economic condition of the company.
Consider that there may be several options for selling a business. This may be a lease with a repurchase, a merger, acquisition and sale of a business.
After you submit the documents to the buyer, he will transfer them to his lawyers for examination.It is recommended to make an explanatory note, which will reflect the significant points. When selling a large business, it is better to entrust the process of selling an enterprise to a specialized company known in the market for its experience in doing business. This will save time and effort.

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