How to round the corners of a table

You will need
  • - editor of web pages;
  • - an application for creating images.
Create a rectangular block in the web page editor. Remember the exact color value of your table and the background color of the area in which it will be.
When creating a block, also count on the fact that additional elements will need to be added to the sides and corners, so add a table of three rows and three columns to the block. Make the markup according to the size of the future corners.
Prepare in advance made in any graphics editor you have rounded corners. They should be made in the form of squares with half-circles painted in the color of your future web page. The rest of the square should be painted in the main background color or the color of the area on which the table is located, that is, they must merge completely. You can also arrange rounded corners with graphic effects to your liking.
By the same principle, make rectangles that will be located around the perimeter of the block. Calculate the size based on the size of the side of the square with the drawn angle and according to the length of the side of the table to which one or another rectangle fits.
Adjust the size of the images to the size of the side cells of the table. It is best not to save thumbnail images at once, but to have copies of a higher resolution just in case you suddenly have to perform an operation for the same web page or for future use as a template so that you do not have to repeat the same actions several times. .
"Glue" to your table on the sides of the rectangles and at the corners of the "rounded" edges. Adjust them in size so that everything looks like a single figure, and make the table fields invisible.

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