How to restore health after the holidays: 6 important recommendations

97If on the New Year holidays we indulged ourselves and allowed more than usual, then, most likely, now we feel the negative consequences of such a lifestyle. This and disturbed sleep, and a few extra pounds, and bags under the eyes. How to regain a blooming appearance and improve the body? After all, work days began, and again you need to get up early, come to work vigorous, communicate with people, and also have breakfast, lunch and dinner at a certain time, and not when you want.

Here are 6 important recommendations that will help you get rid of the unpleasant consequences of the holidays.

№ 1. Healthy sleep

The first thing worth doing is restoring the mode. Go to bed earlier, then you will feel better.


№ 2. Regular meals

In the diet, be sure to include vegetables and fruits, and remove fatty meat and mayonnaise from it. Help your stomach to recover - drink dairy products, such as kefir and ryazhenka.But do not overdo it with a healthy diet - the food must remain tasty and enjoyable, otherwise you risk improving your physical condition due to the deterioration of the moral.


№ 3. Sports

Exercise will help you quickly recover and return to the previous form. No matter how difficult they are, the main thing is to do them regularly, so that the body feels physical activity and remains in good shape.


№ 4. Water

Alcohol, drunk over the holidays, harms the water-salt balance of your body. Because of this, you feel tired and bruised. Drink at least two liters of water a day - it is water that is needed, and not coffee or tea diluted by it. It is advisable to drink a glass every two to three hours. Within a few days, you will feel the stamina increase.


№ 5. Vitamins

Alcohol "eats" vitamin C in your body. So, to restore health, it would be useful to buy vitamins or ascorbic acid at the pharmacy and take it daily, 4-5 pills after each meal during the week.


No. 6. Skin Care

During the holidays, your skin condition could noticeably deteriorate.After all, it is a mirror of all internal processes that occur in the body. To clean the skin, use special masks or go to the cosmetology procedure.


These were six tips for restoring your health after the holidays. By following them, you will regain your former well-being, vigor and blooming appearance!

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