How to remove the cuff?

May 27, 2015
How to remove the cuff?

There are cases when even the most inveterate skeptic, confident of the absence of witchcraft and magic in the surrounding world, begins to wonder how right he is. For example, today in the family just wonderful relationship, peace, mutual understanding and warmth reign, and the next day - complete discord and coldness. It is possible that you are faced with a certain rite, and now have to think about how to remove the cuff.

What is a cuff

The ritual is directed at one of a married or securely loving couple. The expected result is its disintegration and the readiness of the second “participant” to new relations, of course, with another object. Most often, initiators are those who want to take a vacant place in the heart (and usually the lapel is held by women). But sometimes the enchanter does not pretend to a relationship - he is just jealous of someone’s happiness and wants to destroy it.

What do we have to do

The most reliable way to remove the cuff is to contact a person who is considered a magician. However, there is a high probability that he will be a charlatan, and you just give him your money without any positive result.There are methods how to remove the cuff yourself, although they can not give a 100% guarantee.

The removal of love spell bread

This method is considered the most reliable. It is necessary to bake bread with your own hands, and baking should take place at night. In the morning it is undesirable to talk to anyone - it’s supposed to think only about the person from whom they are trying to tear you away. With such thoughts, you need to feed the whole loaf to the birds, sentencing the conspiracy "" I'll go, red girl, on the street ... ". At the end of the ritual, you must honestly pray and not even look for three days in the direction of alcohol.

However, it is up to you to decide how significant the threat is and whether it has a magical background.

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