How to relieve a toothache

You will need
  • - pharmaceutical analgesics;
  • - lard, beet;
  • - Plantain root, sage grass;
  • - alcohol, fir oil.
To quickly eliminate toothache, take an analgesic pill. It will bring temporary relief, which will help to concentrate on the working process or fully relax.
If there is no pill, and toothache is unbearable, use all possible home remedies to eliminate it. Any necessarily help. But do not forget that it will bring a short pain relief effect. Finally, only a visit to the dentist will help solve the problem with teeth.
Attach a slice of salted pork fat between the cheek and the aching tooth. Leave for 15-20 minutes. Repeat several times a day when you resume an attack of pain. In the same way you can put a piece of raw beets or cotton wool moistened with fir oil.
Try to eliminate toothache and with the help of effects on bio points. Pinch the ear lobe with the pin of the problem tooth. As the pain subsides, remove it and repeat this manipulation only as needed.
Take advantage of herbal decoctions. Make sage and use it for rinsing your mouth when it is warm. And hold it exactly in the place of the diseased tooth.
Place a plantain root in the ear of the patient's tooth. Leave for 30-60 minutes. Usually this time is enough for the pain to gradually subside. If the first-aid kit is not rich in this remedy, replace it with alcohol or cologne. Soak cotton wool in it, put it in your ear and lie down on it.

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