How to read a report in 2018

First of all, think over the whole course of your speech. Usually a report is information that is hardly perceived by the audience. Do not enter in the contentreportsuperfluous. Leave only that directly reflects the essence of the question.
While readingreportuse visibility. These can be diagrams, tables, graphs, drawings, accompanying photographs, etc. Making visual material will take time. It can be arranged both on separate posters, and form a presentation of slides using their Microsoft Office Power Point program from their images. With special equipment, slides will allow students to more successfully assimilate information. In addition, so you can increase the attention of listeners.
Build a planreport. Write out key phrases on a piece of paper that will help you not to forget about important details and move smoothly from one part.reportto the other. Also compare what visual information you will use when reading this or that If necessary, ask a colleague to help you with demonstration of visual material.
Use practical examples. This will allow you to keep the listeners interested.
Watch your audience. If necessary, apply techniques to enhance people's attention (for example, a pause or appeal to someone from the audience). Also, be able to control your voice. Highlight key points with voice
Control time. Do not get involved in small details, moving away from the main topicreport. In case of going beyond the time limit, try to logically complete your report, making a general conclusion.
Psychologically prepare for readingreport. Arrange a rehearsal in front of a mirror or ask family members to listen to you. This will allow you to work out the time of reading, will indicate possible errors. In addition, the rehearsal will give you confidence.

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