How to react if a man asks to change the appearance

And daisies, and buttercups

Naturally, most of us have formed our own idea of ​​the ideal of beauty to some degree or another, starting from which we are looking for a life partner. There are men who cannot clearly articulate their preferences: they seem to have cute daisies, but they also like buttercups with roses. This is easier, they can really build their happiness with many - would be, as they say, a good person. So both blondes and brunettes are equally liked by such individuals - the main thing is to have a pretty face.

Curve eyebrow and other troubles

But there are men - boring perforationists. Most often, such requirements to the appearance of the opposite sex are the most capricious - they notice any little things that the “mere mortal” will not even pay attention to. A crooked eyebrow, different length of two fingers, the wrong tip of the nose and split-hair can be the reason why a true “handsome” woman cannot be renamed.It is interesting that not all perfectionists are ready to make the same demands on their own persona and most often themselves are extremely far from the generally accepted ideal.

How to react if a man asks to change the appearance

Most terribly that for such people appearance, or rather even just appearance, is the main indicator when choosing a partner, but the true human qualities, character and actions can not just recede into the background, but in principle remain underestimated and undetected. The reasons for which, for example, men of this kind choose women of absolutely no format, maybe many. Some were constantly unlucky with their type - it just so happened that they quarreled, dispersed, and the circle was repeated again. And therefore, they once decide that the problem lies not in how they make their choices, but in the one on whom they stop, and therefore, the best solution to the problem is to choose the opposite. Sometimes the choice of "neformata" in capricious men is associated with the betrayals of beauties in the past, and then they decide to turn on the mind and finally choose a lady with their head, not their eyes.

Love is not in format

Only now inner secret desires can at once break out again, and then this wonderful comrade will want to remake a new unformatted girl to fit his old ideal. And talk about sports will flow seven times a week, about loving long hair, when you’ve worn a haircut all your life around your shoulders, or about a full bust. Processing will go on all fronts: he can openly admire other people's charms, defiantly flipping through photos of girls from social networks with appearance “in format”, weigh compliments to surrounding women, knocking your soil from under your feet, instilling self-doubt.

Go to such provocations, go under the surgeon's knife, or sweat to faint in the gym, trying to get the size of XS, when the genetics nailed you to the minimum M - absolute nonsense. Because you are not even a person for this type, but an ordinary picture in the application, where he constantly needs you to correct, shrink or brighten something in order to feel happy.

If all men's requests come down to a change in the "format", be sure that he is not in love with you in the condition that is necessary for family happiness!

Naturally, we all change over time, and it makes sense to take care of ourselves so that the picture “during the acquaintance” is not very different from “many years later”, because strong external changes are also fraught with consequences. But immediately trying to adapt to someone else's ideal is absolutely not worth it!

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