How to raise a company in 2018

Whatever business you do, the profit of the organization is earned by the sales department. Therefore, competently select employees for the position of sales manager. It is better to look at 50 candidates and choose two than to invite five and choose one of them. Conduct interviews in several stages, arrange for the applicants a business game in which they can show themselves. One conversation is not enough here, because not only the final profit of the organization, but also its reputation is at stake. Therefore, a sales specialist should not only be resourceful, sociable and polite, but also be neatly dressed, free of speech defects and well versed in the company's product (take an examination on the knowledge of services / products).
Invite to the company of various business coaches who are willing to share sales success and secrets of doing business. The more you know about business, market, product, customer psychology, the greater the return on your work.
Allocate funds for advertising, but think about what type of advertising will be most effective for your company. For example, Internet advertising is increasingly gaining popularity: website promotion, contextual advertising, etc.
Talk with employees, ask why their work is not effective for this period of time. Perhaps you need to consider a motivational program for staff. Add to the salary bonuses, bonuses, interest for the conclusion of contracts. When employees work with desire and interest, then the work itself will begin to bring good dividends.
Analyze the activities of competitors. You can arrange to work for them your employee, who will tell you how they have an organizational structure in management, what are the distinctive advantages, etc. Of course, this is an ugly way to raise yourfirmbut, as is known, in war everything is good.
Enter the know-how in your services / products or customer service.

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