How to raise a child not spoiled


Every family has its own main rules. For example, someone puts a child to sleep strictly at 21.00, requires to go home only in slippers or does not allow him to sit at the table until the father sits down. You should define the traditions of your family yourself and try to stick to them.

Be consistent

Always insist on following the rules you have defined. If you already decided that juice or ice cream is possible only after lunch, then there should be no deviation from the rules. Even if the child asks you very much. Same with the lessons that need to be done before the walk. Several times will be enough for the child to learn these rules.

Be united

It is very important that all family members adhere to the main rules. If mom “can’t”, grandmother always “can”, and dad can when he is sitting at the computer, the child gets confused and then learns to maneuver between you.In the end - you will blame each other that the child is very spoiled. Therefore, unity is simply necessary.

Don't be afraid to say no

Before giving your son or daughter complete independence in any matter, consider whether he is ready for this step? If you think you are ready, give your child the opportunity. If you are not ready - insist on your own, even though the child is dissatisfied.

Do not be afraid of children's tears, insults and harm. Without them, there is no assimilation of vital rules and internal growth.

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