How quickly to remove excess water from the body?

If you are faced with such a problem as edema, or you think that your body has a lot of excess fluid, then you can and should withdraw it. Find out how to do it correctly and without harm to health!

Proper nutrition

To remove excess fluid from the body, you need, first of all, to review your diet, because there are products that hold water. These include all salinity (salt literally attracts liquid and absorbs it), pickled snacks, fried, and also alcohol (including weak ones, such as beer).

If you have swelling, try to reduce salt intake as much as possible and if possible, give up pickled, fried and alcoholic beverages. Cooking is best steamed or in the oven, allowed cooking and stewing.

Useful foods containing fiber (vegetables, some cereals, fruits), as it absorbs water and gently removes it from the body, and with the slags.

Strangely enough, you need to consume enough water to remove the liquid. The fact is that if it is not enough, then the body will forget the alarm and any drinks entering it will be stored “for a rainy day”.

In a day an adult needs at least 1.5-2 liters of fluid.

Correct lifestyle

How to remove excess water from the body? Maintain a healthy and proper lifestyle.

Here are some important rules:

  1. Try to move more, as a sedentary lifestyle often leads to swelling and the development of associated diseases. And especially affected legs.
  2. At night, try not to use liquid, as it will certainly linger in the body, because in the next few hours you will definitely not move.
  3. If you have health problems, solve them in a timely manner, otherwise they can accumulate like a snowball. And then the consequences will be more serious.

Home remedies

You can use folk remedies, some of them are very effective.


  • Ordinary watermelon, which is known to be a powerful natural diuretic, can help.If the excess fluid is significant, you can arrange a discharge watermelon day
  • A good tool is kefir, it can also be used for a fasting day.
  • Coffee has a diuretic effect, especially natural. But do not overdo it, as this drink can cause more heartbeat. Enough and two or three cups a day, and it is advisable to drink them in the morning.
  • You can use milk, that is, tea with milk (but without sugar), it is very useful, including for the kidneys. On the day of this drink, you can drink about a liter.
  • Birch sap is very useful. But it is important to find natural and high quality, only this will have unique properties.
  • Birch leaves will do as well. Two tablespoons of this raw material pour a glass of boiling water and for half an hour insist in the heat. Then strain the prepared infusion and take every three to four hours for a teaspoonful or a tablespoon, depending on the degree of edema.
  • Apply the peel of apples. Dry it, and then spoon a tablespoon of dry raw material with one glass of boiling water and insist for about twenty minutes. Strain the remedy, cool and consume within a day (up to five times) like tea in half a glass (approximately 100 ml).
  • It is very useful and perfectly removes pumpkin juice from the body. And you can drink it all day (up to one and a half liters), it quenches both thirst and hunger. So you can get rid of water, and from those extra pounds, if you arrange such a fasting day.
  • Perfectly cope with this task fruit drinks from berries such as viburnum, lingonberry, raspberry, strawberry. But they are recommended to drink no more than two or three glasses per day.
  • Try using bearberry (called the ear of a bear). Approximately two teaspoons of dried leaves of this plant, pour a glass of boiling water and simmer over low heat for twenty minutes. Insist half an hour, strain the tool and drink five or six times a day before meals on a tablespoon.


Any diuretic drug preparations, like choleretic, can be prescribed only by a doctor and only after a complete and detailed examination. And they are used only for serious problems, such as high blood pressure or renal failure.

Pharmacies sell various herbal medicinal ready-to-use charges. They are very effective and not so dangerous. But still they should be taken on the advice of a specialist.In addition, it is important to follow the dosages indicated in the dosage instructions.


Help to remove excess fluid and some procedures:

  • Physical exercises. Even a ten-minute charge will improve the situation, but on condition that it is active. And it is better to go in for sports regularly, you can do it at home.
  • Effectively remove the water visiting the sauna or bath, with heat exposure, the liquid literally evaporates from the body.
  • If your legs are swollen, a massage can help. Just remember the limbs, pound them, knock lightly on them.
  • Take a bath with soda and salt. To do this, in water, the temperature of which should be about 38-40 degrees, add two glasses of salt (preferably natural sea) and a glass of soda. Such means, firstly, draw out a liquid, and secondly, significantly improve blood circulation and skin condition. In addition, it is believed that this procedure contributes to weight loss. Take a bath for the first time should be no longer than five minutes, then gradually the duration of the procedure can be increased to 20-25 minutes.

Be careful!

Attempts to remove excess water from the body should not be too active.Do not overdo it and remember that the fluid is extremely necessary, because our body consists of 60-70% of it. And if you overdo it, then you can bring yourself to dehydration, but it is extremely dangerous.

In addition, almost any diuretics wash out potassium from the body, and it is necessary for the normal functioning of the heart muscle. So try to replenish its reserves.

If the edema is strong and accompanied by other anxiety symptoms, then do not engage in amateur activities, it can be harmful and dangerous. Visit the doctor and take a survey to find out the causes of the problems.

Removing fluid from the body, be reasonable and careful not to harm yourself.

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