How to quickly grow hair at home

Quickest way

If you want to grow hair quickly, then the best option in this case would be to use overhead strands. They are sold in specialized stores and stores. Such strands can easily be fixed with the help of special pins on your own hair.
The main disadvantage of this method is that clips and barrettes are often noticeable even with careful disguise with their own hair. In addition, the method of attachment in this case does not differ in reliability and, quite likely, the appearance of a feeling of discomfort.
A more convenient method of using overhead strands is the Japanese method. In this case, instead of barrettes, small metal beads with a clip mechanism are used. Artificial strands and own hair are passed into the ball at the same time.After that, the clip is firmly squeezed with a special clip. The beads are completely invisible and are notable for reliability of fastening.

Hot and cold build-up

Hot and cold equipment are considered to be more complex ways of building up. In this case, in addition to artificial strands, you will need special equipment, additional materials and some knowledge. Preliminary it is better to observe the procedure of such an increase performed by a professional.
Cold buildup is a relatively safe way to get long hair. Strands are glued to the roots of their own hair with the help of special solutions. Most often in this case, liquid carotene, special glue or adhesive gel is used. Substances quickly harden and remain imperceptible. Please note that you can remove artificial hair attached in this way only with the help of forceps. To improve the quality of the procedure, it is recommended to use ultrasonic devices for extension.
Hot build-up is one of the most effective and at the same time harmful methods of fastening artificial strands.To carry out such a procedure yourself is quite difficult. Without outside help you can not do. The method consists in gluing artificial hair with wax, pitch or keratin capsules. Substances are preheated, and upon cooling, they lose their effectiveness. Hot compositions instantly “solder” to the hair, therefore, if the strand is not positioned correctly, removing it will be problematic.
The main feature of hot and cold hair extensions is the uniform distribution of artificial strands. Otherwise, when combing the curls will be constantly tangled.

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