How to put in the bath acrylic liner

The installation of an acrylic liner consists of several steps: measuring the bath and freeing its edges, preparing the enamel surface and mounting the acrylic insert with a sealant and foam.

Preparing to install acrylic liner

To acrylic liner perfectly matched in size with your old bathroom, you need to know its height, depth and width. The depth is measured in the area of ​​the lower drain hole, and the width and depth - from the inside of the bath in its upper part. When purchasing an acrylic blank, pay attention not only to its dimensions, but also to the thickness of the material - it must be at least 6 mm.To install the acrylic liner requires a special foam, so take care in advance about its purchase.
Before you put the purchased insert, it should be marked out and carefully fit to the desired size, cutting off the excess. After that, drain and overflow holes are drilled, which should correspond exactly to those of the old bath.

Installation of acrylic insert

First of all, tiled sides of the bathroom are trimmed with the help of a grinder with a diamond disc. You must have access to the edges of the bathroom from four sides - this is a prerequisite for proper installation. The next step is to clean up the old enamel with coarse sandpaper to create a rough surface. Thanks to the shallow recesses and scratches, good adhesion of the smooth acrylic insert will be ensured. After treatment with emery cloth, wash away the formed dirt from the bath and dismantle the drain device.
In the next step, you will need a special foam and sealant. The sealant is applied in the upper part of the bathroom around the perimeter and around the drain holes - this will prevent water from entering between the liner and the old bathroom. Foam is applied over the rest of the bath surface with a continuous layer. It is important not to leave voids, which can later lead to the formation of cracks. An acrylic insert is installed on the foam layer and tightly pressed against the old bathroom. You can immediately return the siphon to its original place - this will increase the reliability of bonding.Sometimes for a better connection of the acrylic insert with the surface of the bath, clamps with wooden slats underneath are used.
The final touch is filling the bath with cold water almost to the level of the drain hole. Water performs the function of a load that provides a tight connection of the foam with an acrylic insert. After a day, you can drain the water and use the bathroom as usual.

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