How to prolong an erection?

How to prolong an erection?

How to prolong an erection?

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of an intimate life for a person, since it is necessary both for health and for maintaining mental equilibrium. Our today's material will tell the representatives of the stronger sex,how to extend an erection. Would you like to give your woman as much pleasure as possible? In this case, do not rush to close this page and read the article to the end! Let's start:



Long erection. A few rules and principles




How to prolong an erection in men? The question is good for those who forget in sex, that the stages of obtaining sexual pleasure are significantly different in women and men. It is typical for women to get more than one orgasm during one intercourse. By the way, we have a good article telling in more detail how women end up. A man is able to reach the peak of pleasure only after everything brings to the bitter end. Some representatives of the strong half of humanity can not withstand a long onslaught and commit ejaculation much earlier than their partner would like. From here comes a large number of problems that are associated with the sexual life of couples.


Speaking about the causes of the problem of premature ejaculation, it is necessary to say that none of these causes are associated with disorders of the reproductive system or the wrong structure of the genitals. Typically, the problem is too long abstinence from sexual intercourse, or in the lack of experience of the guy in the field of sexual relations.


There are a considerable number of different ways that can help solve the problem of premature ejaculation in men, which can take the form of a significant sexual disorder if it occurs periodically.How to prolong the time of an erection:


  • First, you must carefully try to listen to all your feelings. It must be remembered that in your power to control your feelings and at the right time you will be able to lower the level of your arousal and not bring yourself to the onset of ejaculation. Many recommend switching to some distracted thoughts at the most crucial moment, and in this case, your excitement will weaken, and you will be able to continue enjoying the process of sexual intercourse.But to master this method, training is necessary, because it’s not so easy to think about something else when you are at the peak of the most powerful sensations.
  • Quite effectivemethod how to prolong an erectionis as follows. As soon as you feel the approach of the moment of ejaculation, you need to remove your sexual organ and the woman's vagina. In the people such a method is called a "stop-start". With this method, you can extend the erection as long as you think necessary. However, remember that too frequent interruptions of this type can leave you completely without power, and you will not end the sexual act properly.
  • Exclusively mechanically, the way to prolong sexual pleasure is as follows. At the moment of ejaculation, squeeze the head of your penis with two fingers from the bottom and another from above. Such compression should have a significant effect. This can be done independently, but you can by the forces of your partner. Wait about thirty seconds, after which you can continue to have sexual intercourse. This method can be combined with the method we described above.
  • Chemicalmethod of extending erectionthere is thanks to special creams and condoms acting as anesthetics, that is, they deprive the penis of sensitivity. Condoms with a thick shell, can also significantly extend the time of sexual intercourse.
  • If you want to reach orgasm with your partner, then try to maximize the time of your preludes before sex. Try to bring your partner to a state that is close to orgasm by hand or oral method, and only then proceed to vaginal intercourse. And you probably will have more chances to reach the peak of enjoyment together.

Do everything to give your partner maximum attention. Try to take all measures so that she enjoys sexual intercourse. Do not forget that your goal is to get joint satisfaction.

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