How to privatize an apartment for three

You will need
  • • Collect documents;
  • • pay state fees.
Please note that all people who are registered in this apartment should agree with the privatization of an apartment under such conditions. Including minors aged 14 years and tenants who are temporarily absent (serving in the army, are in prison, etc.). If a person cannot be personally present when signing an application for privatization, another person may represent his interests under a notarized power of attorney.
Collect the package required for the privatization of documents. The list of these documents will depend on your specific case, and it is necessary to clarify it in advance. For example, if one of the three future homeowners in the period from September 1991 was still living at some addresses, it would be necessary to collect information from all previous places of residence that the right to free privatization was not previously realized by this person.
Please note that if an uncoordinated redevelopment was made in your apartment, it will need to be legitimized or broughtan apartmentin original condition. And, regardless of who exactly made this redevelopment - you or the previous tenants of the apartment.
Come in full family with the collected package of documents to the Administration of your city. Write a statement on the transfer of housing in the property, indicating the name of the three owners and their shares in the future property. All persons registered in the apartment, or their proxies, must sign the application. At the same time, family members who are not included in the list of future owners should write and sign appropriate statements about their refusal to participate in privatization.
Hand over the applications and collected documents to an employee of the Administration, who must certify your personalities and certify the applications with his signature. If the registration of privatization in your city occurs through the “One Window” service, then in case of a positive decision, after a while, it is here that you will receive ready certificates confirming your property rights.If there is no such service, in the future you will have to visit a number of instances on your own.
Get a contract for the transfer of housing in the property. Pay for the registration of privatization and state fees. Collect another set of documents, which is necessary for the final registration of property rights in the Federal Registration Service.
Contact your local agency of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography. Write a statement on the established template for registration of your ownership, attach the required documents and a receipt for payment of the state fee.
Receive in due time a certificate of state registration of ownership of youran apartment.

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