How to praise the child and whether to do it

Do not often need to tell the child without a reason about how smart he is. However, praise for cleaning and neatly folded things worth it.
You can not just praise the child, comparing it with other children. It is better to use a specific situation. For example, a victory in the Olympiad or in the competition for the best crafts. At the same time appreciate his excellent training.
Praise should not become a habit, otherwise its value will be lost. For example, if a child first washed the dishes, it is worth assessing his work. When I started to do it regularly, I don’t have to praise the kid every day.
Needless to say, the child has become the best in dancing or in sport. It is better to constantly remind you that you need to hone skills. Otherwise, the child will be disappointed as soon as he faces difficulties.
Always support the child in his endeavors. Perhaps in the future the baby will be engaged in his favorite work professionally and will start earning his hobby for life. If a child fails, always support him and help solve any problems that arise.Sometimes simple words and hugs are able to save the baby from his troubles.

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