How to plant an orchid?

Anna Mikhailova
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How to plant an orchid?

Often, orchids have to be transplanted because there is little space in the pot. However, in order not to cause irreparable harm to the plant, some fairly simple rules should be followed. First of all, before planting an orchid, you must wait until the end of its flowering period. You should also remember that this procedure is very painful for the flower, so it should be carried out once every three years.

We plant orchid

When replanting an orchid, you should know that its roots are very fragile, so you should try to minimize damage. Before planting an orchid, you need to moisten the soil in a pot well. Then it is necessary to carefully separate the roots with wooden sticks from the walls of the pot. After successful extraction of the plant, it should be soaked in lukewarm water. After the roots are completely wet, the old substrate should easily separate from them. Before transplanting into new pots, you must carefully inspect the roots for rot and remove dead parts with a sharp knife.All cuts made for decontamination should be dried and powdered with activated or charcoal.

Then to the bottom of the pots need to pour a layer of expanded clay and part of the prepared substrate. After that, you can gently place the plant in a pot and gradually sprinkle with soil until it is completely filled. The substrate should not be heavily tamped, it is better to cover it with moss.

After transplantation, you must put the pot with a flower in a dark place and from time to time to spray around it the air. It should be watered after 1-1.5 weeks.

If the orchid is large, then it is better to seat it with the help of division. At the same time try to leave 3-5 shoots in each pot. Now you know how to plant an orchid so that it will delight you with its beautiful flowers.

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