How to peel the melchior spoons

Cutlery made of nickel silver, as well as silver, are available in almost every home. So I, doing the ordering in the parent cabinets, came across a small box with teaspoons of nickel silver with gold-plated coating. But having been lying there without the need of thirty years, they acquired a very deplorable look.
 with nickel silver spoons
In search of information on how to clean nickel silver spoons, I reviewed the mass various sites and found a lot of pretty simple ways to eliminate this terrible raid on spoons. In practice, I decided to try several cleaning options with simple home remedies as an experiment.
 simple home remedies
For a start, I tried to just wash the spoons using the usual detergent for dishes, but this, of course,no effect on the patina.
 no effect
So let's experiment. 1 way. The bottom of the stainless (or enameled) container is covered with foil and the spoons are laid. We pour 60 grams of soda ash and 40 grams of salt.
 we put spoons
Fill with hot water so that the items are completely covered by it. We put the container on the stove and boil for 15 minutes over low heat (so that the signs of boiling are barely noticeable). Spoons right before your eyes begin to lighten.
 Fill with hot water
Rinse with clean water to eliminate traces of soda and salt, and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Not a trace of black spots remains.
 start to brighten
This cleaning method is not recommended to be used if there is gold-plated coating on melchior objects. But I still took the risk. Gilding has become somewhat lighter, but this does not matter. 2 way. Apply a little toothpaste on a cotton pad (powder can also be used) and rub a nickel silver spoon, of course, making a little effort.And the spoons flashed their original brilliance again. This is the effect!
 sparkled with their original brilliance
3 way. Pour a liter of water into a saucepan, set on fire, throw the crushed shells from two eggs (raw) and 30 g of salt.
 set on fire
As soon as water boils, we put in it spoons of nickel silver, we boil literally two minutes, and ... all efforts were in vain. Spoons are not altered.
 Spoons have not changed at all
4 method is intended specifically for nickel silver with gilding. We wet a ball of cotton wool with apple cider vinegar (you can also use egg white, turpentine or wine vinegar) and thoroughly rub a spoon with it. Alas! Again, no positive result. I even tried to hold the spoon in a clean solution of vinegar for a few minutes, but without success.
 in a pure solution of vinegar
5 way. On a fine grater, rub the peeled potato tuber and dip nickel silver spoons into the mush. cupronickel spoons
Perhaps, this method of cleaning is the safest, because you do not need to rub or boil, and even more so to use chemical means. Only natural natural component. True, the sense of it, too, is not observed. All blackness remained in place.
 melchior spoons
Here are 5 ways to clean the Melchior cutlery, tested by me. Most of all I liked the option with the use of toothpaste. It was to them that I cleaned all the spoons that took part (without result) in other experiments. Pasta instantly removes all blackness.
 nickel silver spoons
But this is not all the ways to clean nickel silver items. The rest just mention casually, suddenly someone will come in handy. To clean the spoons from nickel silver with slight soiling in the form of stains and darkening you can also use such available means as: • ammonia, if diluted in warm water and just wash the devices with this solution, then rinse in clean water and wipe dry; • chalk,if it is crushed to the state of flour and, having sprinkled on suede cloth, wipe items with it; • vodka or alcohol, if rubbing melkhiorovye devices with a soft cloth moistened with them; • water remaining after cooking eggs or potatoes - you just need to wash objects or soak overnight; • special tools used to clean jewelry. Now, about what you can never do when trying to clean nickel silver items. So, you can not use any products that contain chlorine - it has a bad effect on nickel silver; To use abrasive substances and to rub items from nickel silver with coarse rigid sponges - this will lead to a violation of the integrity of the coating; To wash such items in a dishwasher. And in conclusion, a few words about how to properly "contain" and store items of nickel silver, so that later you do not have to make efforts to restore their old sparkling look. To do this, just follow a few rules: • store cutlery from nickel silver preferably separately from all others in a box; • after using the devices, you should immediately wash them with detergent,then dip in soda solution; • any method of washing or cleaning nickel silver items should be finished with a dry wipe; * • after the washing procedure is completed, perfectly dry forks, spoons, and nickel silver knives must be first wrapped in paper (the wrap will absorb excess moisture), then wrap with food wrap (in order to eliminate air penetration), and for greater reliability, you should also pack it in foil. If you properly handle items from nickel silver, you will not need to make efforts to bring them into proper st view. Everything is in our hands.

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