How to overcome the language barrier in English?

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​in our time is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. English takes a special place among them, because it bears the proud title of international. But even having successfully learned it from the school curriculum, at the institute, having completed additional courses, trainings, meetings with foreigners, many people never enter into free conversation with a native speaker. To overcome this barrier is necessary if a foreign language is important and necessary for you in the future. How to do this, we will tell you with pleasure.

Do you speak English?

First, let's see what scares people, forcing them to withdraw into themselves, without saying a word in a situation where it would be worth expressing their opinion.

  1. Lack of practice. The school course and the study of English in the university often provide a limited range of topics. The main task of such training is to teach grammar and writing. When a person, even ideally knowing how to build sentences, and what time to use for a particular case, did not have enough conversational practice, he was, of course, confused by the need to conduct a conversation.
  2. Fear of mistakes.People are afraid to look ridiculous, because they are not sure that their speech will be completely correct. Psychologists explain it simply - with a psychological attitude, from childhood, to be punished for the mistake. That is why many prefer to keep quiet.
  3. Accent. No matter how hard people try, sometimes even years spent in Britain cannot completely eradicate a Russian accent. It seems to many that native speakers will be skeptical of those who do not have the perfect British dialect. Although this is far from the case.
  4. Fear of misunderstanding. And what if suddenly we can not understand the interlocutor? It will be very uncomfortable and unpleasant. So many people think.
  5. Scant vocabulary. The fewer words you know, the more difficult it is to state your thought. This is indeed a significant reason for rejecting even the most pleasant conversations.

But all this, as psychologists would say, is in our head. And you can get rid of stereotypes by following simple tips.

Overcoming obstacles

So that learning and communication with foreigners brings pleasure, and further benefits in the professional sphere, it is worth developing individual tactics for yourself. By following her, you will begin to speak English easily and naturally. What steps should be included in it?

  • CalmTo begin with, it is worth understanding that communication difficulties can always arise, and even those who have a thorough knowledge of a foreign language. The British always have a favorable attitude towards those who master English, and therefore they themselves often try to make every effort to make the conversation as simple as possible.

And experiences always have a negative effect on conversational abilities, leading to the fact that a person begins to forget words and get lost in thought.

  • Go to the goal. She has every conversation. Buy something, find out, ask, decide. Focus on the desired result and lead to it. It is necessary to stop paying attention to mistakes, your task is to achieve the goal. The more such goals are achieved, the more confident you will behave next time.
  • Specify and ask. One of the main mistakes is to pretend that everything is in order when it is not. They didn’t understand, couldn’t understand - ask, ask, ask to speak more slowly and admit that you don’t understand very well. Surely, the source will meet you.
  • Speak. In the process of learning a language, two baggage of knowledge is formed - an active and passive dictionary.Each of them is needed. But the situation when you understand perfectly well what they are talking about, but cannot answer, indicates that the passive reserve has not entered the active phase.

Before you have a conversation, look for dialogs that match your subject in English, read and speak them. This will help to be more prepared.

  1. See the root. It often happens that in the course of communication, having heard an unknown word, a person fixates on it, losing the whole essence of what was said. It really causes difficulties in the future. Everything you need to do, try to understand the essence. Catching the meaning of what has been said, you can easily find out in which vein to continue the conversation.
  2. Listen to this. Those who have better developed visual memory than auditory memory, it is usually more difficult to overcome the language barrier. In this case, you need to hard to listen to listening to audio materials. News, movies, interesting programs - all this will do. First, you can hedge with the help of subtitles, gradually removing them.

Well, the main advice, which is the foundation stone of easy and relaxed conversation in English, is constant communication.The more you talk, the sooner any fears will leave you.

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