How to open an online jewelry store

You will need
  • - money;
  • - designer services;
  • - camera;
  • - the Internet.
Choose a name and domain name for your online jewelry store. Try to find a word that sounds clear, does not require literal dictation, and does not cause any discrepancies. You can check the availability of a domain name and register your own at one of the popular services, for example, In the same place you can buy an already registered name, which seems very successful to you.
Develop the structure of the site. It should be as clear as possible to even an inexperienced user. The organization of goods should be logical, as well as pushing for purchase. To find the right product, the user must make no more than three clicks - this is the "golden rule" of the location of subdirectories and articles checked by the largest online stores in the world.Do not overload the site with unnecessary information: exchange rates, unnecessary articles, reference information that few people read.
Create a website design: in this case, it is advisable to resort to the services of professionals, rather than using ready-made templates. For an online jewelry store, minimalism, sophistication and high graphics are preferable. Poor design can alienate potential buyers, because we are talking about the acquisition of fairly expensive products. That is why the interface of your portal should inspire confidence.
Choose a hosting to host the site. After you upload it to a permanent link, you can begin to fill the online store.
Make the most high-quality and spectacular photos. It is advisable to offer several shots for each product, making different perspectives, adding a zoom function. Photos of the jewelry on the models in the finished images also have a smaller effect.
Add a detailed description of each item. Specify materials, metal samples, characteristics of precious stones. Specify the exact dimensions.Make a size chart for selecting rings and explain in detail how to use it.

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