How to open a tire in Ukraine

You will need
  • - room;
  • - equipment for tire fitting;
  • - completed documentation.
Annually the volume of sales of automobiles in Ukraine is constantly increasing. Accordingly, the need to provide services for the proper care of the car, in particular for its tires, is also growing. This is especially true in seasonal peaks changing tires, which fall in the spring and autumn. So, the prospects for this type of business in Ukraine are quite good.
The main advantages of opening this type of business are simplicity and the absence of the need for large capital investments. The process of opening the tire is optimally carried out in such a sequence. To get started, make a business plan (efficiency of organization of work processes, advanced planning).
Choose premises based on location (for a start, you can not buy it, but rent it).Choose a specialization (which types of services you will provide and which mode of transport to navigate). The best option is universal tire. It would also be good to provide for related services in order to also have a sufficient amount of work in the offseason.
Purchase equipment. This is the most expensive part of the project, but the savings are irrelevant here. If the funds allow - of course, it is worth buying a new branded equipment. If for you it is still unrealistic, pay attention to the used equipment, however, check the level of depreciation and negotiate with the seller a one-month warranty for performance monitoring.
Set up an enterprise (since this type of activity in Ukraine is not subject to compulsory licensing, it’s enough to open SPD on a single tax first). Pick up the staff (for a start, 2-3 competent masters are enough). Make a price list of services, ensuring guarantees of work performed. Take care of advertising and marketing
Be sure to purchase and register a cash register with the tax authorities to avoid fines.
Helpful advice
Provide a customer card file, starting right from the first, recording their preferences in order to promptly offer them what they need (you can also create a card file in electronic form)

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