How to meet a girl on the street, in contact, phrases for dating


How to get acquainted with the girl correctly photo

How to meet a girl on the street, on the Internet, in contact correctly.

From the time when a famous classic came up with the following lines: “The less we love a woman, the more she likes us.” Men do not cease to think about the question of how to get acquainted, treat a woman and love her. How to correctly "destroy her among the seductive networks"? Or how to be so good husband that the wife will go to another, bad. Or vice versa.

How to get to know a girl

The first is how to get to know a girl? The answer to this question is unexpected, but ingeniously simple - no need to get acquainted. Let me explain: If you decide to meet a girl on the street, on the bus, she may decide that something is wrong with you.

Either you are so bad that you are desperate to find a companion, you are married, or you undergo another psychological training. Meeting a girl on the street can be regarded as sexual harassment. Be careful in this case, do not risk it! But if you definitely decided to get acquainted with a girl, then do it right: adjust casual acquaintance, pretend that it happened as if by chance. For example, knock off a bicycle, drop snow on her head from the fourth floor, pour a drink, finally. Another option is possible when you are introduced to a mutual friend. Then the responsibility for this acquaintance, for its consequences, will also be borne by “this acquaintance”. And still there is an option to get acquainted with a girl on business: under the guise of a new neighbor, admire the repairs in her apartment, so that in ten years time she can make the same at home. Well, is not this an excuse?

If you get acquainted with the girl for the first time, now is the time to prepare for the second meeting. Well, the rules for further acquaintance or a couple of words about how to better meet a girl who is already familiar with you.

The most interesting moment in all acquaintance with a girl is when you exchange phones, and wait.Call or not? Do not relax! After all, if a young man calls immediately, it means like. For this, minus forty points. If the guy called in three days, then the girl who is interested in him may already change her mind to meet him, or worse, be offended. But if you call in a week, you will deserve the fair title of "scoundrel." And she will be absolutely right. And the thought that girls love villains to console themselves is not worth it. Because it is not true. They love, just adore the good, but inaccessible to them. But the perfect option - it is good and completely inaccessible girls.

Better not to call at all! That is, absolutely. A week later, arrange a "random" meeting. Accidentally collide on the street, please. It is necessary to behave indifferently before you say that you lost your phone number and worried that you will not meet again! And when this meeting took place, you, of course, are very glad that everything has turned out so well. Of course, these were just a few “bad” tips. About how to do when meeting a girl is impossible. Go from the opposite, and you will succeed.

Where can I meet a girl

All ways of dating with the female sex can be divided into planned and spontaneous. Both options contain both pros and cons. Here is a list of places where you can actually meet a girl:

At a party, dating parties, flirting party. Plus this option - a large selection of girls and special program, which allows you to make romantic dating. At a party, it’s easier to get acquainted with a girl, they are already ready to meet and flirt, and the activity of men is welcomed and encouraged. Because of this, getting to know each other is easy and very easy. Minus - lack of time for a long thought, because there is no guarantee that she will be at the same table with you. Therefore, if you like the girl, at the first contact, try to take her number immediately. in a couple of minutes, she can sit down at another table and you can’t talk to her anymore.

Meet a girl in a nightclub. A place for youth dating. In such places, girls usually feel relaxed and willing to chat and meet. Disadvantage - very loud music will interfere with communication with the girl. Some of the benefits are touches, looks, hugs.

Get acquainted with the girl on the Internet, chat rooms and forums. Advantages - you have a lot of common interests and topics for conversation. Minus - communication hangs in time, and there is no visual contact. Pros - gaining experience.

Meet the girl through a dating service. From the pros - they will pick up a girl for you, taking into account the requests and wishes, from the minuses - when they meet, the girl may well turn out to be not at all what you are looking for. But maybe you are lucky, and it will be the girl of your dreams!

Get acquainted with the girl at work. You work with it in the same office, only in neighboring departments. Find an excuse to ask for a job, send a postcard or a link to an interesting article, anecdote or photo. At the end of the working day, you can offer to take her home or invite her somewhere for coffee.

Meet in a mall or store. Here ingenuity is needed. For example, you can ask her to help you choose a gift for a friend. Minus - in the store the girls least expect dating. Therefore, do not be surprised failure.

How to meet a girl on the street

Probably, many people are skeptical about this option. The process of dating on the street is quite real and acceptable. The main difficulty is to deceive the self-defense instinct.

Overcome your fear

To meet a girl on the street correctly and suddenly not to frighten the object of your attention, you need to get rid of your own fear of meeting in a public place. Typical reasons for fear of meeting a girl on the street are fear of refusal, not knowing what to say, excessive attention of passersby. Let's start in order: failure and outside attention. This plays a role, but in this case only one solution can be advised. Change your attitude to these things. You must be confident. Refusal - only shows that you have met an inappropriate and unnecessary person. In addition, when she sees you on the street for the first time, a girl cannot know about all the advantages (and disadvantages), her reaction is the first impression you made. There are a lot of girls on the street, among whom there is sure to be your only one. With the attention of others, everything is much simpler. They see you briefly, in their memory you linger for a few seconds. So do not take into account their presence.Even if they see a refusal to your address, they will not tell anyone anything, so you should not be afraid of meeting a girl on the street.

How to approach the girl

First, do not make sudden movements, so as not to frighten. After all, the girls are fighting, so you can get a handbag. Next you need to make a good impression. Any acquaintance is the first look. The only thing that a person judges about you is your appearance, then words and actions. Not necessarily have a model appearance. Required neat haircut, ironed and clean clothes, well-groomed hair, clean shoes. Another important note is your hands and nails. If they are dirty, then the girl obviously will not like it.

The first impression about you will be five seconds after you came up and decided to meet a girl on the street. And for the next five girls will appreciate how far the relationship with you can go. So do not forget about your appearance and dazzling smile.

How to say goodbye after meeting a girl

Even if a girl is interested, she may be ashamed to give a phone number. In this case, it will be correct to write your number and say: "I will be glad to your call." Or something like that. Show your intentions and your conviction that she should call.And everything else is individual. Each new meeting has its own nuances and it is almost impossible to envisage them.

How to meet a girl on the Internet

Many guys who want to get acquainted with the girl are puzzled by the questions that it is a dating site, chat or a social network like VK or Facebook. Read below for tips on how best to meet girls on the web and what mistakes are best avoided.

Where to start dating?

The very first thing is photographs. They should be high-quality, not made on a mobile phone, but on a quality camera, the ideal option is a professional photographer.

You do not need to be photographed against the backdrop of a car (especially a stranger) and in huge companies (I'm the fourth on the left in the second row). It is necessary to make adequate photos in which you look very cool in appearance. It will be great if you have a cool emotion on your face in the photo or the photo will be with a stick.

It's great if your photos show that you spend time in different and interesting ways: billiards, a party in a famous club, friends with poker, under the mask, squinting at the fish. There should be several photos.It is also important what is the main and how it looks in the mini-version. After all, it is shown during the search, and when you write a message. Consider these factors, if you want to meet a girl on the Internet correctly and without further ado, go ahead.

Correctly fill out the form

Here a sense of humor, intelligence, originality are welcomed. No patterns. All to your own taste. After all, all the same when communicating will be felt.

Who to write to make it easier to meet

Each profile has a number of views per month. Choose with fewer views, but no less beautiful. And more, look more attentively at a photo of the girl. If intuition tells you that there are different people in life and in the photo, then it is better to confide in intuition. To get acquainted with a good girl, you need not only to reason logically and choose with your eyes.

Several pitfalls

Often there is a situation that in the life of a girl is slightly different from the Internet image. And it happens that not a bit. The following helpful tips will help you meet a girl on the Internet:

The first.If the photo is only her face, then I advise you to ask for full growth.It is possible that it is complete in your opinion.

The second.If the photo is only model, then do not hesitate to ask for a photo from life.

Third.Communicate necessarily with her on the phone before the meeting, to complement the impression of her.

Fourth.If a completely different girl comes to the meeting - you can say goodbye to her right away, saying that you have things to do. Or explaining the reason. She was the first to deceive you.

How to meet a girl in contact, social. network

The hard part is the first message. The answer of the girl depends on it. There are certain requirements to it:

  • It should be a simple text message, but it should be different from "hi", "smile" and other messages, which are abundant social sites. networks.
  • The message should be clear and short. A girl should get some information from him. Just not that you say hello to her, or you ask for a phone number
  • There should be something in your message that will hook her. All the same girls are curious. If the "clue" will not, then your message will not hit the target. Therefore, the conclusion is: before you write a message, you MUST see her profile, what she writes about herself, what she wants to achieve, what she dreams of and who she wants to find. Often there you can find a lot of useful information that will facilitate your fate.Before you write a custom pattern exactly for this girl, look for useful advice:

Another good move is intrigue. For example, you write “Can you guess one riddle?” In 80% of cases, girls respond, regardless of their appearance or the number of fans who tire her. This is a great way to meet a girl in contact, classmates or other social services. network.

The next step is the phone number. With this it is better not to delay, but you can go into the category of "pleasant companions." Correspondence in social. Networks are not phone conversations, where everything is much more productive, better and more interesting. But how could she ask for a number? So directly and ask! If you complete all the previous points correctly, and the correspondence is completed successfully, the number will not be the case. You can even write something like: here _________ should be your phone number. A sense of humor will always help you to get acquainted with a girl in contact, classmates or another social network. Well, having received her number, you can finally get down to your main goal - to pull her out on a date. Where you really try your not to miss. Remember - you are a man and by nature must take everything by yourself.And not to wait when they bring on a silver platter.

Ready phrases for dating a girl

It is difficult of course to write the entire list of templates and phrases, but some of the most interesting, taken from different sources, should be cited:

  1. - Do you need a husband? (If the answer is "No", you say: - Oh, then to me to you!)
  2. - Why did you stop smiling? I just started falling in love!
  3. "Girl, are you interested in the unmarried?" No, I'm about a friend. He was thrown by a bitch girl. Do you happen to be a bitch?
  4. - Wait! It is important! Do you need a good lover?
  5. - Are you looking at everyone like that? Or only on those who like it?
  6. “Maybe you will smile, otherwise it's so dark on the street.”
  7. - Wait! We looked at each other and forgot to meet you!
  8. - How many have already fired? I'm already three. What arrogant girls went.
  9. - This dress looks cool, but it will look better on the floor of my bedroom.
  10. - Girl, I'm looking for a partner ... for dancing. You can examine you more closely.
  11. “You take your handkerchief out of your pocket and say:“ You didn't drop the handkerchief? ”
  12. - And what will you do in the evening after our acquaintance?
  13. - Let's talk? or will we continue to wink?
  14. - You did not see here three minutes ago, my white horse did not run?
  15. “You smile so charmingly that I forgot where I was going.”
  16. - You are so sad ... Can I take your sadness?
  17. - You can offer you a hand and heart. I'm a surgeon, I have a lot of this stuff.
  18. - Allow me to take you home. Well, at least look.
  19. - Girl, you really liked it, and I’m already following you 3 stops ... Maybe we can sit down and take a little rest?
  20. - Do you play drums? .. Me too! Look how much we have in common. Let's get acquainted.
  21. - You look at the girl and openly smile, trying to force a return smile. Then you show your tongue and smile again.
  22. - Visual contact, then you smile and pass by. Then you catch up and say: "No, I can not resist not to meet you"

You can successfully use these phrases for acquaintance with the girl you liked, both on the street or in public places and on the Internet (for example, in Odnoklassniki or in Kontakt) - some funny expressions from the list are quite suitable for online dating.

Of course, not all the phrases that will help you meet a girl on the street, and the most popular, everything else depends on your originality.

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