How to manage willpower

It is the will power that makes us move forward and become better. That she does not allow us to lie aimlessly on the couch while watching the next series. It is the power of will that helps us in time to cope with overwhelming tasks and to give up bad habits.

But modern science says that it turns out that the handbag is not the best way to become a strong-willed person.

Rationality and self control

There is a paradox of bounded rationality. This means that we are all very smart and rational only as long as there is no need to act. When it comes to business, we forget absolutely everything. Willpower does not work. Why this happens is still not known, but it is a scientific fact. This paradox is at the core of most of the “breaks”.

For what reasons willpower suffers

There are states during which it is very difficult to control yourself, and willpower turns out to be zero. These include the state of intoxication (even mild), fatigue and drowsiness.The particular danger is a state of stress. The point here is that the states of stress and self-control are diametrically opposed. That is why, under stress, people often do what they don’t: eat or drink forbidden foods, sit down at video games or go shopping.

The relationship of health and willpower

It has been scientifically proven that excessive self-control reduces immunity, which, in turn, leads to the loss of all control at all - because the body has to fight for survival. To avoid such unpleasant consequences, determine priority areas in which you cannot do without willpower, and leave the rest of the areas free. Do not push yourself too tight.

About the dangers of self-control

Sometimes self-control can be not only not good, but also detrimental. For example, when a person ceases to feel satisfied with life because he does only rational things and does not have time for things that are pleasant and spontaneous. First of all, a person should listen to himself and learn to distinguish true desires from just another whim.So set aside a spontaneous, but such a desirable thing for a while, and if your body does not calm down, go back and do it: sleep, eat a piece of chocolate, or buy these shoes at last.

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