How to make stretch ceilings in the kitchen

You will need
  • - Kitchen;
  • - professional knowledge and tool;
  • - a company offering installation services for suspended ceilings.
Appearance, practicality and comfort of the kitchen are very important. Of course, mostly interiors are created based on the capabilities of the family budget, as well as the characteristics of the room. The modern market offers a variety of materials for the decoration and repair of walls, floors and ceilings. One of the most popular finishing technologies is stretch ceilings. They are quickly mounted, easily changed, the range of their application is unlimited.
When installing a stretch ceiling, you need to be careful, accurate, have special knowledge and equipment. Without them, the self-installed ceiling will be, at best, uneven and crookedly stretched. In the worst case, you spoil the expensive canvas and the walls of your own kitchen.
You can, of course, undergo special training and become a dealer of one of the many companies.Many of them have free lessons and provide the necessary material for organizing their own business. Some firms offer the opportunity to practice in their own classrooms. If your goal is not to create a business to install stretch ceilings, but only high-quality interior decoration, it is better to turn to professionals.
To make a stretch ceiling in the kitchen, it will need to be prepared. Typically, installers of suspended ceilings recommend washing or at least removing dust from the existing surface. Free access should be provided to the ceiling and walls. Take into account the technological holes for installation of the box, the specialists will drill every 15 centimeters. Therefore, from the kitchen will need to make all the high objects. You will need to remove from the ceiling chandelier. Refine your actions with the measurer, who will come to you when entering into an agreement with a professional firm. How your future stretch ceiling will be discussed in advance at the company.
For example, there are monotonous glossy, textured stretch ceilings or with a pattern. If you want to see on the ceiling, for example, an image of the whole family, provide the company with a high-quality digital photo. Keep in mind to change the selected picture later will not work.Remember that in the overhaul of the kitchen, to make a stretch ceiling is possible only after finishing the rough work with walls and floor.
Offer from our partner
The call of the measurer on the house in the majority of firms is free. The day and time of the specialist visit will be agreed with you.
Helpful advice
Professional companies provide all the necessary guarantees. With self-installation of the stretch ceiling, no one will give you any guarantees.

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