How to make smesharikov?

September 19, 2014
How to make smesharikov?

Funny smeshariki long been loved by both the kids and their parents. To please your child with a funny toy, try to make yourself cartoon characters from the simplest and most accessible material - from paper.

Smeshariki from paper lumps

If you are starting to engage in origami for the first time and do not have much time - this option is for you. This craft can be made with the child. In order to build a smesharika with our own hands in the simplest way, we will need:

  • thick pages from a newspaper or magazine
  • colored paper and colored cardboard
  • scissors
  • glue
  • markers or paint


  1. We crush a thick sheet of paper into a ball (as tightly as possible so that the craft will not fall apart).
  2. Square sheet of colored paper (the color should match the color of the hero you want to make) carefully wrap the resulting ball.
  3. From a smaller paper, we make four more lumps in a similar way - these will be Smesharik's paws.
  4. Gently glue them to a large ball - the body.
  5. Cut out the rest of the details from the colored cardboard (ears, horns, beak, etc.) and glue them to the figure.
  6. Eyes and nose can be drawn directly on the body Smesharika. If desired, they can be cut out of cardboard and glued.

The figure is ready!

Smeshariki using the modular origami technique

Modular origami is different from the classic one in that it takes several sheets of paper to fold the figure. Each sheet is folded into a module, and then all modules are interconnected. Such crafts require much more patience and time. If you decide to make Smesharikov in this way, you will need:

  • several sheets of colored paper
  • scissors
  • glue

To begin, we produce modules:

  1. We divide a sheet of thick colored A4 paper into 16 equal parts and cut them.
  2. One of the resulting rectangles fold in half.
  3. The edges are bent to the middle and overturn the product.
  4. Raise the edges sticking out from under the triangle up and bend the corners inward.
  5. Bend the triangle in half.

In the same way we add all the other modules. By inserting the modules into each other, you can get a three-dimensional figure of Smesharik.We make a circle of 24 modules and increase the rows (approximately 12 rows). After that we add ears, feet, spines and other details. Eyes can be cut out of cardboard and glued to the figure.

There are many ways to make Smeshariki out of paper. For example, Smesharikov-cubes schemes can be found on the Internet. It is required to print the scheme and simply glue the cube according to the instructions. And if there is no time for the schemes, try to draw your favorite hero yourself.

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