How to make persimmon jam

1) Persimmon jam with lemon.
To prepare you will need:
• 1 kg of persimmon;
• 500 g of sugar;
• Juice of 1 lemon.
It is best to cook the jam of sweet, ripe persimmon. Gently rinse it, remove bones and skin. Peeled fruit must be cut into squares. Chopped persimmon must be put in a pan, sprinkle with sugar and cook for an hour. Every 5 minutes, the jam must be stirred. 10 minutes before the end of cooking, you must add lemon juice. The finished jam can be decomposed into sterilized jars and closed with a lid. Ready jars of jam clean in a warm place.
2) Persimmon jam from Korolek.
To prepare you will need:
• 1 kg of Persimmon Kinglet;
• 900 g of sugar;
• 2 tbsp. water;
• 0.5 tsp. citric acid;
• Vanilla (optional).
For jam, you must select only ripe and dense persimmon. Persimmon must be washed, remove the stem, bones and cut into small cubes.Pour sugar into a small saucepan, pour water and put it on a fire. When the sugar is completely dissolved and water boils, you need to add persimmon and boil for 40 minutes. Stir every 5 minutes. At the end of cooking, add citric acid and vanilla. Tasty jam is ready, you can expand on the banks and roll up.
3) Persimmon with orange.
To prepare you will need:
• 2 tbsp. pulp of ripe persimmon;
• 300 g of sugar;
• 1 orange;
Put persimmon pulp into a saucepan and add sugar. Peel an orange, cut into small cubes. Grind the skin on a grater. Add orange slices and zest to persimmon pan. Boil for 20 minutes, stirring constantly. After 20 minutes, remove from heat and cool. The cooled jam must be crushed in a blender until a homogeneous mass. Chopped jam must be boiled for another 10 minutes. The finished jam turns out very tasty and fragrant.

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