How to make others respect you?

Respect is not easy, but it is still possible. Use the data below tips and you will be respected.

So, how to make people treat you with respect

  • Respect yourself. Yes, it's worth starting with this, self-respect means a lot. What is it? Do not ever be humiliated under any circumstances, know your own worth, do not violate your life principles, do not go in the wake of others.
  • Respect others. If you do not do this, then you will not begin to respect. How exactly should behave, so that others understand that you respect them? Learn to listen, never interrupt, do not be rude, do not raise your voice, watch your behavior and speech.
  • Learn to keep cool and sober mind in all situations; it deserves respect. Even if your situation is very, very difficult, do not let your emotions go, it will in any case turn against you.
  • Do not lie, no one respects liars. Always tell the truth, whatever it is.
  • Do not boast, boasters do not like and even despise. Let them say not words, but deeds.
  • To be respected at work, fulfill your duties efficiently and on time. Show what you can do. Do not waste time in vain. Work and you will be noticed. And, of course, you should not “suck up” and even more so engage in slander and denunciations.
  • Do not take part in gossip and do not spread it, it's low.
  • Succeed in what you do best. For example, if you know how to and love to knit, learn new schemes, knit beautiful things. If you write poetry, keep doing it.
  • Strive to achieve the goal, and let the difficulties do not stop you.
  • To make your friends respect themselves, always behave with dignity and always control yourself. Even going to a party, constantly watch your behavior and words. And it is especially important to control the use of alcohol, because alcoholic beverages are pushing many to acts that do not deserve respect.
  • Be responsible for your actions. For example, if you are going to promise something, think about whether you can do it. If not, then you should not deceive and give hope.If you are confident in your abilities, then fulfill your promise as soon as possible and without any reminders.
  • You should not strive to be like others just in order not to stand out from the crowd and not be the black sheep. So, if everyone smokes around, and you do not want to do this, but you still go with colleagues to the "smoking room" for the company, then stop doing it. It does not matter that you will remain in the office in splendid isolation. If you do not want to drink beer with friends, but still do it just because "it's cool", tell everyone that you do not like this drink. At the same time you can also spend time with friends, but instead of beer drink tea or juice. This may cause ridicule, but in society you will be respected.
  • To make your parents respect themselves, show your independence, independence. Don't ask mom and dad for help. On the contrary, help them financially or physically.
  • Learn to defend your point of view, even if it does not coincide with the opinion of the majority. But just to argue is not an option. You must find strong arguments and arguments, try to justify your thoughts, and do it skillfully and clearly.
  • Do not complain.Even if you really feel bad, don't show it. You can ask for advice or even ask for help, but never worry and do not say that everything is bad, and you do not know what to do.
  • Argue only about what you really understand. So you can defend their point of view.
  • Keep an eye on your appearance, always. A person who looks untidy and funny or dresses excessively vulgar or inappropriate will never deserve respect.
  • If you want to achieve respect for your husband, then do not "saw" him in trifles. And even if the reason for the quarrel is significant, do not raise your voice and do not go on to insults. Just express your opinion, tell about emotions and feelings, ask why your spouse behaved like this. When such calm and fruitful conversations become a habit, and the husband forgets what a screaming wife looks like, he will certainly begin to respect you.
  • Help others, even if you are not asked for help. Do good for free, but if you are offered some kind of service in return, do not refuse. Accept help and thank for it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
  • Try to speak clearly, concisely and to the point, verbosity and idle chatter are annoying. In addition, get rid of the word-parasites and do not state the useless and unnecessary information to the interlocutor.
  • Develop, improve. Read more, watch intellectual and educational programs, read scientific articles, learn new skills, try to communicate with educated people.
  • Do not mess around, lazy people do not respect. Find an occupation and surrender yourself to it in order to achieve success and come closer to perfection.
  • There are no ideal people, but to earn respect, you need to get rid of the shortcomings.
  • Do not be afraid of responsibility and take the initiative. Understand that irresponsibility and levity are indicators of weakness and lack of coherence.
  • Learn to admit your mistakes. If you understand that you are wrong, just accept this, do not try to convince everyone of the opposite, it will look silly and ridiculous.
  • You should not try to be good for everyone around, it will not succeed and will look like a frank sneak or flattery. And yet if a person is dear to you, then it is worth trying to understand him and find an approach.
  • Do not flatter. If someone really deserves praise, express your opinion or even admiration. But unfairly it is not necessary to praise.
  • Take criticism calmly, listen to it and be able to notice and acknowledge your shortcomings.
  • Be yourself, do not try to appear who you are not.Behave at ease, but still restrained.
  • Try to earn a good reputation. It is not easy, so be prepared for the fact that you have to think through every word and every action. But it is worth it, because reputation is priceless. And if she is flawless, then you will be respected.
  • Develop personality. Fight your fears and defeat them, develop new qualities in yourself in order to become better and stronger.
  • Learn to properly present their merits. Do not constantly show them. Demonstrate them occasionally, appropriately and naturally.
  • Keep your individuality, do not succumb to the pressure of society and the influence of prejudice.

Follow the rules and you will earn respect soon.

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