How to make noise isolation on Kia

You will need
  • - vibroplast;
  • - stationery knife;
  • - tape measure;
  • - iron roller;
  • - building hair dryer;
  • - cotton gloves
Drive the car into the garage. Engage the parking brake. Remove the negative terminal of the battery to de-energize the on-board power system, as you will have to partially remove electrical appliances. Remove all items from the vehicle. Begin soundproofing with doors. To do this, remove the panel. They are mounted on plastic caps. If you have installed windows, then you must first remove the buttons that are located on the doors. Remove the lining and pry the case of the button with a screwdriver. Gently pull it out of the slot and disconnect the connector.
Take the vibroplast and cut it into separate pieces so that you can completely seal the inside of the door. Peel off the protective layer and gently stick the pieces on the iron. Then take a building dryer, set it to the maximum temperature and begin to heat the vibroplast evenly in a circular motion.Then carefully iron it with an iron roller. Glue and heat each part of the vibroplast separately. Do not attempt to heat several pieces glued on top of each other. Each piece should be as tightly glued to the gland, otherwise there will be no sense from the installed sound insulation.
Remove the headliner. On the ceiling in your Kia you will see several stiffeners, which divide the space into several parts. Cut whole pieces of vibroplast into each part of the ceiling. The fewer joints you make, the better the insulation will work. Heat the glued vibroplast and iron it with a roller. It is also necessary to make noise isolation of the engine compartment. To do this, dismantle the torpedo. You also have to remove all the wiring, which is located under the torpedo. If you find a factory sound insulation, remove with a knife, pre-heated with a hairdryer. The back side of the torpedo, if desired, can also be pasted over with vibroplast. This will ensure maximum silence in the cabin. Let dry glued noise insulation for about an hour. After that, assemble the interior in the reverse order.

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