How to make meringues?

Tatyana Getmanets
Tatyana Getmanets
January 22, 2013
How to make meringues?

Each of us has our own preferences, both in clothing and in food. Someone loves rubbed jeans, others are in awe of sausages, and some do not imagine their lives without sweets, and specifically, without cakes with a musical name - meringue. Only now you do not always want to buy cakes, and the soul is drawn to home cooking recipes.

Cooking meringues yourself

How to make meringues at home? Snow-white and airy cake can turn out to be 100%, if properly used all the necessary products for its preparation.

So, to create a delicious delicacy called meringue, you will need the following: chicken eggs, sugar, vanillin, butter and vegetable oil. The number here also plays a role, otherwise the meringues will turn out dry, savory and not appetizing. Eggs need 5 pieces, at least. Sugar is to take a whole glass - 250 grams. Everything else is added in certain proportions during the cooking process.

Meringue recipe

How to make a meringue so that its delicate taste will be remembered forever both by you and your guests,ran for a cup of tea? A little patience and everything will turn out great! First you need to separate the whites from the yolks and beat it all separately for 10-15 minutes. Naturally, foam from proteins will be “richer” and larger in volume than from yolks. In the process of whipping proteins and yolks with a mixer, it is necessary to gradually add sugar to the mixture - 1-2 tablespoons each. Vanillin can safely go after the sugar!

The mixer should “work” on the mass until it thickens and becomes dense. Beforehand, you need to prepare a baking sheet on which the meringues will proudly flaunt. It is pre-lubricated or covered with parchment paper. Well, then everything is like “smoothly” - the meringue is spread out on a baking sheet with the help of a spoon, or a special sleeve. Then all this gentle “creation” is sent to the preheated oven for an hour and a half or two. And in order not to torment yourself and your loved ones with the expectation of a miracle, you should do brewing tea, covering the table with a tablecloth and anticipation of air meringue delicacy.

Everything is possible nowadays and even how to make a house at home, now many people know. Many know, and only those who are able to do itwho carefully read all the instructions of this article and remembered the wonderful cake recipe, which is in the top three of the most favorite sweets by Russians.

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