How to make an accordion?

Gulnara Gurbanova
Gulnara Gurbanova
October 9, 2014
How to make an accordion?

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How to make an accordion?

Paper crafts are not only interesting, but also useful. Indeed, during the creation of ornate toys, the child develops fine motor skills and imagination. A paper accordion is one of the simple and interesting elements of origami that you can easily master using the recommendations.

Required tools

The most important element in the successful manufacture of an accordion will be your attention!

So, how to make an accordion with your own hands? To get started, take the following accessories:

  • A4 sheet of paper or any other thick paper;
  • ruler;
  • pencil;
  • scissors.


  1. So, first take a thick sheet of A4 paper, cut a square out of it. Carefully check that you have measured a flat square, so that later there will be no difficulties.Harmonic
  2. The resulting square bend in half horizontally.
  3. Then move the fold line 1-2 cm so that one edge opens the other, forming a narrow strip.
  4. Next, fold the paper horizontally along its length.
  5. Depart from the beginning of the resulting strip about 5 cm and make a convex bend, which is shaped like a triangle.
  6. Next, make another 5 identical folds. Spread the workpiece so that the bent edges do not diverge in different directions. Carefully flatten the paper to end up with a flat cube.
  7. From the sides, assemble and bend the edges so that the handles of the product are obtained. If you want to make a box of an accordion, leave one edge not curled. On the pre-prepared bends, gently fold the harmonica once more to get a embossed pattern.

So it's so easy and simple at home to make an accordion.

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