How to make a work program

You will need
  • - a computer;
  • - installed MS Word;
  • - The educational standard for a particular subject.
Next, in the center, enter the name of the document “Work Program ...”, here you can see the name of the discipline for which you want to arrange the curriculum, as well as the class for which it is intended. Below is the name and category of teacher / teacher who completed this program.
Enter on the next line in the center the year of the work program Please note that the program is drawn up for five years, and each year it must be revised and, if necessary, modified and reapproved. Add a page break so that the following text is printed from a new sheet. To do this, select the Insert menu - Page Break, or press the Ctrl + Enter key combination.
Execute the command "Table" - "Add a table" to arrange the content of the discipline. The table should be with the following columns: number, name of sections and topics, total hours,further "Including on" and break it into 3 columns (lessons, test work, checklists), the approximate number of hours for independent work.
Fill in the table, enter the sections first, and in each - the topics included in it. For each topic, specify the number of hours that it spends. Also, to draw up a work program, it is necessary to indicate after each section a form of control, usually this testing. In the last row of the table, sum up the entered hours; they must correspond to the school’s curriculum.
Format the work program. Use Times New Roman font, 12 size. Line spacing - single. It is not allowed to use hyphenation text. Paragraph indentation should be 1.25 cm, margins should be 2 cm. For all text, use justification, for the text of the table - on the left, for headings, set the alignment in the center.

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