How to make a well in the country

The first step is to choose the right place for the construction of the well. To do this, it is necessary to determine in which place of the estate it is best to do it, and to find out if there is ground water in this place.

Well placement

The well should be located as far as possible from the cesspool and compost heaps so that their drains do not spoil the water. If the site has a relief, it is better to do it higher - flows from rain or watering should be directed not to the well, but from it. On the way, such water washes away fertilizers and chemicals introduced from the soil to protect against garden pests, and such substances should not be allowed to enter the well.
With regard to determining the availability of water, many prefer to use the technique of dowsing. Despite the fact that science finds it difficult to explain this phenomenon, it works. The easiest way is to ask the neighbors - if they have water in the wells, it is more likely to be with you.

Well device

Modern wells do almost the same as in previous times - they dig with the help of shovels, raising the ground in a bucket to the top. Strengthen the shaft with the help of special concrete rings.They are alternately lowered into the finished well with a crane. If the walls of the mine are fragile and there is a danger of collapse, do better like this: roll the ring on the shaft, install it on the previous one, dig under the bottom so that the stack of rings under its weight settles. The walls at the same time are well protected, and it will be safer to dig.
All work in the mine should be carried out with the indispensable observance of safety. Without a helmet down it is impossible to go down. It is also necessary to tie a rope for insurance, and on the surface there should be two adults. In the mine due to lack of ventilation can accumulate carbon dioxide, natural gas. If the person below will lose consciousness due to the accumulation of gases, he will have to be lifted out with the help of a rope - it is therefore desirable that two men be ready to come to the rescue.
Equipment must be selected in advance - ladders for descending and ascending from a well, suitable bucket size, reliable ropes.
The upper ring of concrete should rise above the ground by about a meter. For him, you need to make a lid - so that insects and garbage do not get there.The walls of the well to the height of two rings under the ground should be tarred along the joints and smeared with wet clay - this protects against surface water that may fall into the well. To make it easier to raise water from a well, it is better to arrange a gate or even a decorative chopped house.

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