How to make a volume snowflake?

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How to make a volume snowflake?

The New Year is a wonderful holiday and for most people it is the most beloved, and therefore many people decorate the house with their own hands for this holiday.

Of course, snowflakes are considered the most popular Christmas decoration, you can make them out of paper or from other improvised means, such as felt, matches and even salt dough. But in this article we will talk about how to make beautiful volumetric snowflakes out of paper, which will be a beautiful and unusual decoration of your home for a wonderful holiday.

It will take:

  • colored or white paper,
  • scissors,
  • pencil,
  • ruler,
  • stapler
  • adhesive tape or glue.

By the way, if you want to make a colored snowflake, and you don’t have the right color paper, make it out of white, and then you can paint it with simple paints.

So let's get started:

  1. We take 6 sheets of paper and make of them squares with sides about 15 cm. You can make the squares more or less, but everything should be within reason. Take into account, it will be difficult to work with a very small piece, just as with an excessively large one.
  2. We take one square, fold it diagonally, do the same with other blanks.As a result, we get six triangles.
  3. Pencil draw lines on triangles. They are drawn parallel to the sides of the triangle, between the lines must be left the same distance.
  4. Now we take the scissors and cut each line, leaving 5 mm to the central part of the triangle.
  5. We expand the triangle, that is, we return our square.
  6. The central part is rolled up into a straw, and we join the edges of the straw with tape or glue.
  7. Now turn the square and form another tube of the elements of the next section.Snowflake
  8. Repeat point 6 until the cuts are over.
  9. Points 5-7 are repeated for the remaining five squares.
  10. Thus, we have six “petals” of snowflakes. We collect them and fasten with a stapler in the center.
  11. If it seems to you that the “petals” hold together not well enough, make a few more movements with a stapler.
  12. The snowflake is ready, but if you want it to look more interesting, you need to color it. You can paint, alternating colors, for example, one petal - light blue, the second - blue, then again - light blue, etc. You can use a special paint with glitter for coloring snowflakes.

This original product will surely please your household and surprise your friends!

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