How to make a pet

The most popular way to have a virtual pet on a special site, such as, for example, FotoStrana. First, of course, you have to register there, enter personal data, come up with a nickname, add your account.
On this site, the choice of pets is limited, you can choose only from the list of suggestions. In the list you will find not only cats and puppies, but also some exotic animals that - pay attention - will require special care.
After you have decided on what kind of animal you want, give it a name and a special section will appear on your personal page of the site: the pet's room. And here you have your own pet, which needs your care and attention, because it must be clean, healthy, well-fed and happy. All this is your responsibility. Everything is as close to real life. This is somewhat reminiscent of the once conquered world of Tamagotchi, only improved and not portable.
Your virtual beast can live a full life: go to visit friends, participate in and win competitions, for which you will receive points, and your pet - an experience that will be for him a pass to new types of entertainment.
Unfortunately, you cannot download such a virtual pet from this site to the computer of this virtual pet. You can play with it only on the site. Although this has its own significant advantage: the game is constantly updated by developers, and you are always aware of new products.

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