How to make a pendant?

Arslan Avanesov
Arslan Avanesov
January 21, 2013
How to make a pendant?

The pendant can decorate and “refresh” even the most boring clothes. For example, if you must wear a uniform by the nature of activity, this small product will show your individuality. Decorate an ordinary tunic or sweater can be a large, massive pendant, contrasting in color. And in the summer you can wear a small pendant, for example, from one big shell or several small ones arranged in one elegant decoration.

Of course, the pendant can be bought in a store or even on the market, but, you see, it is nice to wear an exclusive handicraft that reflects your taste, ideas and skills! So, if you, at least once came to mind the question - how to make a pendant yourself, then especially for you, on the store shelves there is an inexhaustible abundance of all sorts of beads, beads, sequins, glass beads and other very different material for creation!

Pendants from scrap materials

How to make a pendant with your own hands, if you do not have time to go to the store,but the hands still "itch"? For the manufacture of pendants fit the most non-trivial means at hand, so, for example, it can be useful most ordinary newspaper! See more details.

Bead pendants

Making something yourself is always an exciting activity, but how to make a pendant so as not only to enjoy pleasant work, but also to decorate your outfit with the help of the resulting decoration? If you are new to this business, or you want to get something particularly exquisite as a result, then you will inevitably have to go to the store and buy beads or crystals, large medium and small, and you will find a detailed description of how to proceed.

And if there are more than one beadwork in your account, then you will easily cope with the following pendant and will certainly add it to your collection. Learn how to do it.

In addition, you can also do needlework with children - this is very useful for them, as it develops fine motor skills, and taste will develop at the same time - the ability to combine colors, shapes and proportions. And your baby will gladly put on together (and later on her own) the pendant made at the next celebration.

How to make a bead pendant? This question is answered with pleasure by craftsmen on the Internet, laying out all sorts of methods, schemes and options, both complex and simple, such as, for example, or.

If you are a real beadwork pros, you will not be difficult to find, or come up with yourself, schemes of more intricate products. In general, pendants can be made from anything - threads, felt, leather, fur, wood, stones, plastic (some even use unnecessary CDs) buttons, old grandmother's favorite beads can quite modernly play on your neck, even an old chandelier will come down , lying on the mezzanine! Do not be afraid to dream, invent, create, and you will always look fresh, fashionable, exclusive, and most importantly - individually!

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