How to make a house in the property

You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the contract of sale (deed of gift, certificate of inheritance, decree of the Department of housing policy);
  • - cadastral extracts;
  • - A copy of the cadastral plan;
  • - application to the registration center;
  • - receipt of payment of state registration fees;
  • - Photocopies of all documents.
To arrange a residential house in the property, prepare cadastral extracts, a copy of the cadastral plan. These documents are issued by the Technical Inventory Bureau on the basis of the inspection of the building by a technical officer.
If you have made a deal, you must have: a contract of sale or donation, when you make a property on an inherited house - a certificate of inheritance.
If there are several owners, you will need a notarial permission from everyone to dispose of the property. If there were incapable or limited capable persons among the owners,a decision of the guardianship and trusteeship bodies, permitting the alienation of property owned by these persons, will be required.
A dwelling house built without authorization without obtaining relevant permits before October 30, 2001, can be arranged in a simplified manner based on Federal Law No. 93-F3. To do this, you will need to issue cadastral and technical documents by submitting an application to the technical inventory bureau.
Municipal house can be obtained in the property after the privatization procedure. You must prepare cadastral extracts, submit an application to the Department of Housing Policy, on the basis of which you will be issued a decree on the transfer of municipal property into ownership. If you have never previously issued state property in the property, the transfer will be completely free.
Further, for any design you will have to contact the territorial office of the state registration center. Fill out the application, pay the state registration fee, submit the prepared package of documents and photocopies of all the executed documents, including passports of all participants in the transaction.
A certificate of ownership is issued within 30 calendar days.

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